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December 10, 2009
Very funny British short film with John Cleese in an early role. Very amusingly done, with very little dialogue, mostly visual gags, and very well done at that. Fun cast.
October 1, 2008
Best John Cleese movie ever!!!
August 28, 2008
Not quite in the same league as the Monty Python films, but still very amusing. Plus some very nice music for double bass.
June 10, 2008
Very odd and funny movie. Only got three stars cause Im not really partial to nudity. Silly library covered the box with so many stickers I didnt know it was about a skinnydipping princess.
May 30, 2008
We got this from the library because we like John Cleese, but then spent the majority of it hoping not to see his penis. Both he and Connie were naked through most of it, which isn't terrible in and of itself, but it was...surprising.
Anyway, it's based off a short story by Anton Chekov and is actually pretty cute, and gives plenty of opportunity for John-Cleese-running-around-naked hilarity, which is always good. Oh, and his penis does not make any appearances, thankfully.
p.s. I didn't notice Andrew Sachs at all in watching it, so I'm going to have to go back and watch for him.
April 5, 2008
Cute, subtle romanic comedic with British weirdness. It's nice to see John Cleese not go overboard with a character. Lots of nudity, big plus...
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