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The Romantic Englishwoman,(Une anglaise romantique) Quotes

  • Thomas: The Englishwoman was the most romantic. All she wanted was everything.

  • Isabel: People make too much of sex. It shouldn't be anything you leave home for.

  • Lewis: The realm of possibility, What a terrible country. What if such and such were the case? What if the person you love is a liar?

  • Lewis: It is very, very boring to seize on some commonplace idea, which no reasonable person would dispute, and then ram it down people's throats as if it were a breakthrough in the history of human thought. Furthermore, washing someone's dirty underpants is what you are best suited for.

  • Herman: It's a psychological story about 'the new woman," you understand me?
    Lewis: Yes, I think its a very boring idea. It's pretentious and derivative, but mostly its boring Why don't you turn it into a thriller?

  • Headwaiter: Bitte, platz nehmen in Speisewagen!

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