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November 22, 2007
its funny, a good way for kids to learn about romeo and juliet
November 16, 2007
never heard this one before, should be good
October 30, 2007
hi wats up its baby girl
½ October 26, 2007
pke jsuis fan des dessins anim├ęs ^_^
September 7, 2007
"Two star-crossed seals"
August 30, 2007
Based on one of the countless screenplays Luc Besson written and produced during his directing hiatus, Banlieue 13 is an original and fast-paced action movie set in a futuristic Paris, where a group of policemen, enlisting the help of an ex-thug, are trying to infiltrate in a gang to defuse a nuclear bomb. Directed by Europa Corp. favorite DP Pierre Morel (The Transporter, Danny the Dog), the movie features spectacular action scenes and interesting characters. The setting is really particular, but unfortunately, even if it's very unusual seeing a movie like this coming from the old Europe, the plot is very similar to other action flicks. However, the movie is more than enjoyable, and if you want to have fun watching an action picture that's a bit different from the other ones, I think you will like Banlieue 13.
August 18, 2007
You're kidding me right?
August 16, 2007
What. The. Fuck. Two star crossed...seals?
July 31, 2007
=o Sounds interesting.
July 31, 2007
July 30, 2007
ah so romeo and juliet, as seals, poorly animated and with a happy ending. Sounds like a home run to me!
July 30, 2007
Those are seals? I thought they were dogs.

Never mind.
July 28, 2007
lol it sounds like a funny premise for a movie
July 25, 2007
July 23, 2007
I hope that it is good
July 1, 2007
So cute and lovable.
June 18, 2007
i think this is a lil kids movies wit kissin or whateva
June 13, 2007
i like cartoons and itlooks like a good movie to watch
June 10, 2007
sounds like an interesting take on the old story.
June 9, 2007
Romeo and juliet with seals. Now that suicide scene will be even more heartbreaking!
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