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½ April 18, 2014
Love the story idea but overall mediocre
½ September 30, 2013
Whoever wrote this crap is a sick sadistic piece of work
April 19, 2013
Although in B series movie style, its reflections about a distopic future (it is based on a book from a famous adventure books Spanish writer) tells a lot about our present.
April 6, 2012
Dont waste you're time. Cyborg dog, evil mist, that brings dead cyborg dog back to life. Dog now possessed by evil mist. Guy runs from evil Spanish law enforcement. Sex with porno reasoning. The end.
March 31, 2011
Molina is pretty extraneous here, used for the name and lupine association. Yuzna serves up a messy chase variation which compares poorly even with other Most Dangerous Game and Terminator rip-offs.
December 26, 2010

"Infiltration" is a game where the players submit themeselves to dangerous situations in order to escape the world of consumerism and comformity. Dante and Ula are a young couple who are fervent fans of the game, However, when they infiltrate a boatload of illegal immigrants they are washed up on the shore of a land ruled by a merciless tyrant and the lovers are forced beyond the dangers of the game and into a realm of violence and damnation, They are pursed by ROTT, a beast reinforced with modern technology and possessed by an ancient evil that will not die until it has devoured the heart and destroyed the soul of its prey. Dante and Ula are chased across a landscape of terror where there is no freind, no refuge, no respite from relentless violences and cruelty... there is only the hunter and the hunted.
June 7, 2010
Got sent this movie by mistake. WOW. It was MY mistake that I decided to watch it anyway. Skip this. Use the DVD as a coaster on your living room table. That is about the most you will get out of this movie.
½ February 25, 2010
What a bad and disappointing movie. To think of the potential a movie with a robotic killer dog has... and they wasted it all away with pointless flashbacks and a weird scene where a man is sort of raped. Tss, tss. Not worth your time, but it might be funny if you watch it with a group of people.
December 13, 2009
Elokuvan katsoo mutta ei se synnytä minkään laista kiinnostusta hahmoja kohtaan. Elokuvan pahis (eli robokoira) on tylsä ja tympeä hahmo jonka motiiveija ei selitetä. Kerronta on sekavaa enkä loppujen lopuksi tiedä tajusinko edes kunnolla koko tarinaa.
May 10, 2009
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April 23, 2009
det kunde blivit bra om man skippade vissa scener samt inte hade s B effekter :P
March 7, 2009
Why do these movies get made at all? Really weird story that doesn't stick together at all and horrible actors all around. Is there a script or are they just meking it up as they go along. If you watch it, do it for the at times (no doubt unintentional) extremely bad and therefore funny Living Dead Rottweiler FX.
February 12, 2009
If I ever get a dog I would want it to be loyal as the dog in this movie.
February 5, 2009
Fyra saker på pluskontot: Den lilla tjejen från Pans Labyrint är med. Det finns en rolig scen med en tupp. En annan scen skildrar en mycket oväntad sexscen. Och ännu en fräck scen som imiterar en känd sekvens från The Terminator. Resten är, ärligt talat, ren dynga.
½ January 17, 2009
This movie had a very good chance to be so bad it's good but it's really just so bad it's very bad.
½ January 8, 2009
Random cut scenes.. Joy!!

Ivana Baquero is so cute though! :)
½ November 30, 2008
The worst movie I have ever seen.
October 29, 2008
This film was not great bit like terminator but a dog lol i hate dogs and seeing that made me hate erm even more worth a watch if nothing else on
½ October 24, 2008
Its funny how Ivana Baquero is in this. She was fantastic in Pans Labyrinth. But she was not that good in this. I never knew what was going on in this. t-Too many flashbacks. Some of it was amusing though. The blood and gore was decent
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