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½ September 12, 2007
i love love love this, almost as much as l.a. confidential. he smiles in this one!!!
September 5, 2007
I fell in love with this movie when I first saw it. For some reason it spoke to me and I have been searching for it high and low ever since.
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½ September 4, 2007
This very strange brew of film noir, magic realism, and screwball adventure is an entetaining mess.
August 21, 2007
I really enjoyed this film when I saw it way back when. I remember thinking, who is this Russell Crowe guy and why isn't he a huge movie star? Quirky story, nice period piece, bit of a road movie, ta' boot. Did it have a talking dog in it? Yes, I think it did!
August 5, 2007
It was SO cute and funny!
June 22, 2007
stange movie, but entertaining in it's own way
January 7, 2007
This movie about magicians predates THE PRESTIGE and THE ILLUSIONIST by quite a chunk of time-- heck, I'd almost forgotten Russell Crowe was in it, mostly because at that time the world and I didn't know who he was. To think that Bridget Fonda was the real celebrity back then! Still, not bad-- really retro and charming. Give it a try, why not?
½ November 13, 2006
Quirky and fun.......
December 30, 2005
I have this on DVD but I watched a little bit and it Just was not my type of film!
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