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Rowdy Rathore Quotes

  • Shiva: Forget touching my daughter, if somebody even thinks about doing so, then I will take his life.

  • Shiva: When a lion takes a step back, it does so to attack, not because it is scared.

  • Shiva: Chinta Ta Chita Chita, Chinta Ta Ta.

  • Shiva: Whoever thought that I am scared is dead. I am not scared! Death is scared of me! Death doesn't have the balls to come in front of me. That's why the son of a bitch is following me like a dog for six months.

  • Shiva: I do what I say! I definitely do what I don't say!

  • Shiva: Dont Angry Me...
    Shiva: Don't Angry Me...
    Shiva: Don't angry me!

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