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October 27, 2014
well crafted quiet lil indie from the director of "ulee's gold"
December 11, 2011
This is the WORST movie I ever sat through :0(
Super Reviewer
July 9, 2011
One of the best evocations of smalltown living, capturing the mundane emptiness and the yearning for more from life. Ashley Judd is really great in this as Ruby trying to find a way to break free from her retail sales & trailer park existence.
April 12, 2011
A realistic portrayal of a down-on-her-luck young woman trying to keep her head above water. The acting is well done and the Florida backdrop is nice, but I didn't feel that the plot went anywhere.
½ December 13, 2009
It's been a long time since one kiss made my lips hum.
July 21, 2009
Ashley Judd does a remarkable job and is totally convincing as Ruby. It's a touching and realistic movie, simple and poignant. Well photographed, very perceptive direction. Wonderful.
June 28, 2009
Delightful character-study, slow and comfortable in development.
March 17, 2009
I love this movie. I'm a huge Ashley Judd fan and this was I believe one of her first movies. It's a great debut for her and I wish more people could have seen it.
February 11, 2009
Sundance 93' Grand Jury Prize
June 21, 2008
When it comes to coming of age movies, it doesn't get any better than this. This treasure of a film is the best of Ashley Judd's career. No over-the-top special effects are needed when you have a great story line and good actors and this movie is living proof. Now, if they could only release it on DVD!
May 18, 2008
An interesting look at the female perspective of the American Dream in the early '90's. This is an insanely small film, and quite difficult to come across, as it isn't even available on dvd. If by some fortunate circumstance, you are presented with the opportunity to view this film, you're in for a very solid film.
The acting in this film is very understated with a strong tie to reality. Ashley Judd plays the protagonist, Ruby, in her first film performance. She is excellent in this film, always buried in her character and never losing sense of character. The supporting cast if very understated, but they play nicely off of Judd. Judd's character is the core of this film, and the screenplay very directly revolves around her. Narration by Judd's character is prominent in the film, and serves as a device to express her personal thoughts. The narration is very effective in this film, as it gives us an insight to the thoughts of a character who isn't necessarily all that complex on the surface.
The sequence that stands out in my mind is the one in the hotel laundry room. Ruby is completely downtrodden at her employment situation. She is forced to take a job cleaning hotel sheets, which leaves her feeling dehumanized and defeated. There are two female co-workers in the laundry-room which serve as a sort of guiding pair to Ruby, which provide an interesting look at employment roles and class associations that come with them.
The two men in Ruby's life represent opposite ends on the human spectrum. On one hand there is the ultimate selfish American male, and on the other the "selfless" male. Interestingly, neither of them are anything close to perfect for Ruby, because they both embody single-minded ideals, when Ruby is searching for freedom.
"Ruby" is a very overlooked gem of early '90's cinema. It functions as a story of a young woman trying to make a life for herself, as well as a class tale of a very specific era.
May 14, 2008
Perfect female driven story. too smart to be written by a woman. It wasn't
February 28, 2008
The best movie...I absolutely love this movie...unparalleled for me...
½ October 25, 2007
**** (out of four)

Ashley Judd's finest role is also her first major part in this Sundance hit.

She plays a young woman who leaves her problems in Tennessee and moves to a small beachside community on the Florida coast. There she opens a tourist shop and tries to start anew.

Thoughtful and memorable.
June 11, 2005
Ashley Judd does a remarkable job and is totally convincing as Ruby. It's a touching and realistic movie, simple and poignant. Well photographed, very perceptive direction. Wonderful.
November 16, 2004
[FONT=Tahoma]I don't really know where to begin on this movie. It starts out with Ruby (Ashley Judd) driving along. She stops in this small town, and we never really get why she took off. We get hints but never a full story. She makes one friend, a girl from her new job, but other than that she writes in her journal and we get to hear what she writes. I honestly thought this girl was going to kill herself at the end of the movie. She mentioned a couple of times "getting it over with" and she seemed very unhappy. I wondered if maybe the dullness and slow pace of the movie might have been done intentionally, to give the audience a feel of how Ruby felt. That is good if it was, but if not....

Some parts were good, like when she wasn't sitting alone in her little house being miserable. But it just kept going back to that. Dorothy Lyman plays the Ruby's boss, and it was hard for me to see her in a role other than Naomi from Mama's Family, but I think she did a good job. Ashley did a good job too, and she looks about 14 in this film.[/FONT]
October 3, 2004
[u][b]Eye of the Beholder[/b][/u]
I saw this movie on TNT several summers ago during one long uneventful evening. I have not been able to get this film out of my head.
There were several holes but I did not care Ashley has the ability distract a viewer and her vulnerability made me more concerned for her well being, or her character's.
Having Ewan Mc Gregor as her co-star may have helped?:p
The movie took some interesting turns, 90210's Jason Priestly stood out in one scene, seriously!

[b][u]Ruby in Paradise[/u][/b]
Was on Trio recently so I dodged my heaping homework to watch this, and it was interesting.
I think I enjoyed Todd Field who portrayed a sweet guy, but he reminded me of some of the guys that i have become friends with...friends not dates-so I could see where this movie was headed.;)
But Ashley portrayed some depth to her female character unlike what I have seen on the screen from other actresses!
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