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May 15, 2009
great to see the pairing of bernal and luna again. the sibling rivalry and bonds of brotherhood are well rendered. there are comedic bursts, but not enough to carry the film. love bernal's video ~ the funniest act in the film.
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May 13, 2009
Super good movie! The film is just simply amazing with a great actor with Bernal; Diego Luna was just very funny and the movie gives a great message for everyone we all can learn from. The ending was just perfect and to me was the best part of the movie. It was directed Carlos Cuarón and produced by himself and with colaboration with two very talented fellows also with Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu and Guillermo del Toro so you can see the talent this film really has.

Mexican half brothers Beto and Tato - who will eventually be appropriately nicknamed Rudo (rough) and Cursi (corny), respectively - have a typical love/hate relationship with each other. They both work on a banana plantation and live with their extended family consisting of their mother, abusive stepfather, sister Nadia, and Beto's wife Toña and their children. The family are rural peasant class and are barely making ends meet. The brother's fortunes change when into their lives comes Batuta, a soccer scout. Despite their advancing ages, both Beto and Tato are naturally gifted at soccer, Beto as a goaltender and Tato as a striker. Playing professionally has always been Beto's dream, although Tato has other professional thoughts on his mind. Batuta eventually recruits both for different teams in Mexico City. Beto and Tato's fortunes rise and fall, the falls based on those things which hold more passion for the brothers. For Tato, he loves fast women, specifically television spokes-model Maya, but he loves singing even more. He would give up his soccer career for one in Mexican country singing, if only he was any good at it. For Beto, his passion is gambling. Although Beto is up front and straightforward about most things in life, he would lie and cheat to hide his gambling problem and debts. They just have to keep these alternate passions in check to make their soccer lives lucrative ones.
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½ December 20, 2008
A funny, but very unrealistic rags-to-riches story.

It's entertaining, but not much more. I don't like to compare, especially between siblings, but Carlos Cuarón doesn't have the talent his brother Alfonso has for directing and writing.

There are a lot of plot holes, and few truly funny moments. Cuaron's writing style is very unsophisticated. It's a shame to see Mexico's "dynamic duo", Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna almost gone to waste in RUDO Y CURSI, even though they managed to give decent performances.
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July 24, 2010
In "Rudo Y Cursi," Tato(Gael Garcia Bernal) and Beto(Diego Luna) are half brothers who work on a banana plantation and love to play soccer in their free time. While Beto is the responsible manager with a wife(Adriana Paz) and kids, Tato dreams of becoming a musician and possibly going north to Texas. One day on the way to a friendly soccer game, they encounter Baton(Guillermo Francella), a soccer scout, whose flashy red sports car has broken down. After watching the game and being duly impressed, he claims he can only take one brother with him back to Mexico City. Tato wins on a penalty kick with a bit of guile. Once he is settled on a team, he finds a place for his brother on a second division club.

"Rudo Y Cursi" is an engaging enough movie that suffers from a lack of credulity in its story arc with the brothers having little trouble in their rise to fame and the tone is more fatuous than serious, with little new insight on the nature of fame. Compare this movie to the low key "Sugar" for instance. Some of the issues in "Rudo Y Cursi" may stem from Baton's narration, embellishing certain events while deleting other details, at the same time not forgetting his role in corruption. And there is an interesting twist on the big game. In the end, the movie, like the recent World Cup, just goes to prove that some people take soccer way too seriously.
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½ May 15, 2009
If these guys weren't already stars, friends and charisma-vehicles, this movie wouldn't even lift off the little bit it does. Ueven in tone, all it has going for it is Bernal and Luna (not that that's nothing). They kept me there, but only by the littlest bit.
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May 25, 2009
I really like Gael Barcia Bernal, but this wasn't all that exciting. The actors have definite chemistry but the film isn't quite funny or amusing enough.
Ricardo G.
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January 16, 2011
The director that brought us Y Tu Mamá También (2001).A film soccer fans will love. Gael Garcia's and Diego Luna have such a strong chemistry. A story of two brothers (goalie and striker )that both want to become soccer stars.

The story is simple two brothers play soccer in a small village. A talent agent then gets them to play soccer professionally. All things are going great they got out of poverty and have the luxury of the good life ie cars, money, big house, good looking girl ect. But happiness can't last forever. Rudo has a gambling problem and Cursi can't become a musician. The movie is funny and lighthearted and tells us that we should really know what we are getting ourselves into before it's to late.

This movie plays it safe and simple the film does feel a bit predictable when watching it. Tho that shouldn't make you stop watching the film. I have an older brother and we both love soccer so I love this film because I can relate to it. Saying this the movie is good it isn't Carlos Cuarón best work but it's still good.
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May 6, 2009
Rudo Y Cursi starring the talented Mexican actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna and directed by Carlos Cuaron, brother of Alfonso Cuaron who directed Y tu Mama tambien, starring these 2 boys also.Their chemistry on screen was evident from the start, and they brought life to the two main characters Beto and Toto.The story followed the two brothers lives as they went from banana farmers to professional football players. The strength of the movie was how they became from nobodies to somebodies and how one brother could handle the fame,while the other was unable to leave behind his bad habits.Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna were excellent and I have to give credit to Argentine actor Guillermo Francella who as Batuta gave a great performance as the scout who gave the boys a taste of an unexpected life they would never have thought they could have.
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½ September 8, 2009
Carlos Cuaron's debut is a lot like his brother's film, Y Tu Mama Tambien. And that's not a bad thing. A great character study filled with humor and great acting.
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½ September 6, 2009
I know it is not a movie to be taken seriously and it's supposed to just be fun, but that's exactly my problem. I did not have fun. I did not understand what was happening most of the time because the story just kept skipping... months or years, it's never clear, and it was just not funny. Granted, the kitsch elements every single frame bathed itself with was amusing (especially Gael Garcia's atrocious hair), but it was not enough to compensate for an otherwise dull movie. Also, the cover of Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" was pretty hilarous ONLY IN THE CONTEXT OF THE MOVIE!!!; I thought it wasn't going to be because prior to the movie's release it would play non-stop on the radios and make my ears bleed and people would really take it seriously. I hate my country sometimes.
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½ June 2, 2009
Every now and again I'll go into a theatre hoping for an indie flick that's good. Heck, if I can go see a movie without seeing a preview for it, that's even better because then there are no expectations. There wasn't much to expect out of this. Sony Pictures classic, I dig, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, I also dig. So it seemed like a no brainer. I was surprised at how much this movie resonated with me. I'm not that involved with the Mexican Culture. I took like 3 years of spanish and still can't speak a word, ha. But this film had so much to it. Brotherhood, messages of life, success and failure, great cinematography and a lot of laughs. It was so good I had to see it again the next week before it wasn't in theatres anymore heh. Overall I felt this movie was really fun and heart-warming. I don't even like soccer but don't let that fool you as the message of the movie is more than that. The soccer and all that was just... extra flavor. This movie has a lot of flavor. ha. Definitely inspiring. By the end when the credits started rolling it had me singing "Quero Que Me Querias!!"
½ May 17, 2011
didn't think i'd like it since its a movie about socceer its also about the rivalery between brothers kinda like a mexican cane & abel. and that keep me watching love seeing luna & garcia-bernal work together kinda like crosby & hope!
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November 9, 2009
Good movie from start to finish.I was hooked all the way through.1 day you can come up from nothing to have something then your back to nothing once again.
December 21, 2010
i really feel someone needs to have experienced life in mexico, or at the very least in latin america, as well as understand how much soccer really does have a pull on so much in hispanic societies to really appreciate this film ... and i really hope that's where so many low ratings are coming from, because this was brilliantly representative of so much in mexican -- and hispanic -- society at large, not to mention terribly engrossing.
½ May 23, 2010
It was pretty good. My guys Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna were good, albeit EXTREMELY ANNOYING. But I guess that was the point. The quest for fame makes you irritating, basically. And I like how the trailer spoils the end of the movie.
½ November 22, 2009
This is Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna's first film together since Y Tu Mamma Tambien. This one isn't as great as that, but it's a fun little comedy and they are very good.
½ November 9, 2009
Chistosa y serio tambien. Dos hermanos buscando una vida en los estados unidos. No es como pensaron.
½ May 5, 2009
It could have been so much better. I just didn't feel a connection to the story despite the good acting.
April 20, 2009
I am not really sure that I needed to watch this movie. The story was very predictable and the characters never really learned anything.
May 22, 2009
Diego Luna & Gael Garcia Bernal Are Back, And Better Than Ever. The Story of Two Mexican Brothers Who Dream Of Soccer. & A Better Life Is Very Well Acted. Guillermo Francella Is Brilliant As Their Agent. The Story Treads Mostly Familiar Realm But It Never Gets Boring. All Must See This Movie To See Gael Garcia Bernal Sing A Spanish Version Of Cheap Tricks "I Want You To Want Me".
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