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The Rules of Attraction Quotes

  • Lauren Hynde: The tutorial on the post modern condition? It's been cancelled.
    Sean Bateman: Typical.
    Lauren Hynde: I haven't seen you in it before.
    Sean Bateman: That's what's so typical. This was the first time I bothered to show up.
    Lauren Hynde: You've got bad timing.
    Sean Bateman: Saturdays suck. I don't have to put up with this bullshit. I'm dropping this class.
    Lauren Hynde: Me too.
    Sean Bateman: Really?
    Lauren Hynde: Yeah. I think I'm gonna change my major.
    Sean Bateman: To what?
    Lauren Hynde: I don't know yet. What's yours?
    Sean Bateman: I don't even know.

  • Mitchell: Mitchell: Are you fucking crazy?
    Mitchell: Are you fucking crazy?
    Sean Bateman: Define crazy. [Shrieks like a lunatic]
    Sean Bateman: Define crazy. [shrieks like a lunatic]

  • Paul Denton: Sometimes I'm amazed at the shit the spills out of my mouth.

  • Sean Bateman: No one ever ever knows anyone. You're not ever gonna know me.
    Paul Denton: What the hell does that mean?
    Sean Bateman: It means, Paul, you're not ever gonna know me. Deal with it. Figure it out.

  • Sean Bateman: I just want to know you.
    Lauren Hynde: Nobody knows anyone. You will never ever know me.

  • Sean Bateman: I really did try to kill myself... right before I faked it.

  • Sean Bateman: Rock N Roll
    Sean Bateman: Rock and Roll.

  • Lara: No one knows anyone else, ever.

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