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July 30, 2019
At this point, there is just one Liam Neeson movie: Taken a Non-Stop Run All Night to Walk Among the Tombstones 3.
March 14, 2019
When you've got a cast with this much on-screen mileage between them and a talented director with a confident style, it's kind of a can't-lose situation, though that's not to say Run All Night is a big winner.
January 23, 2019
Director Jaume Collet-Serra, who has done several of Neeson's recent action movies, tries to spice it up with quick cuts and frenetic transitions, but it can't overcome a stale script.
October 10, 2018
Think of Run All Night as an average prime-time boxing match: two recognizable fighters, an elaborate venue, but not all that exciting fighting.
February 15, 2018
There are only three things Neeson does: shoots people, telephones people urgently and smashes people's heads over urinals.
November 9, 2017
Just when the story gets interesting -- I am talking The Godfather-soap opera interesting -- it gets blown away.
October 17, 2017
What's good about the movie starts to fall apart about two-thirds of the way in.
October 17, 2017
We've seen enough Liam Neeson Revenge Man movies to know how they work and this one is particularly interchangeable with any of the others.
July 14, 2016
A rather dour example of late Liam Neeson.
April 27, 2016
Although crafted and performed decently enough, Run All Night can't beat the feeling we're seeing a combination of films we've seen before.
April 17, 2016
Rapper Common's appearance as the pic's bad hitman - again, the movie wants us to think there are hitmen who aren't so bad - is the film in a nutshell.
August 17, 2015
Since this comes after a string of unstoppable action-man roles, [Neeson's] character never quite feels like an underdog, despite the film bending over backwards to convince us of his drunkenness and washed-up agonising.
August 17, 2015
We need to pull the plug on this -- Liam Neeson's whole act is starting to get embarrassing.
June 17, 2015
Run All Night doesn't have enough gas to get through the two hour run-time, let alone the stamina to go all night.
June 12, 2015
Liam Neeson and Ed Harris can't salvage this genre exercise
June 1, 2015
With its taut action, relatively ambitious screenplay and a credibility-lending supporting turn from Ed Harris, Run All Night is actually a solid 97-minute thriller. Unfortunately, it runs 114 minutes.
May 25, 2015
Despite a few thrilling scenes and some nice neo-noir New York streetscapes, Run All Night doesn't stand out much from the crowd of T&A (testosterone and adrenaline) flicks, Neeson-led or not.
May 21, 2015
The Jaume Collet-Serra/Liam Neeson partnership hits the wall with this absolutely (and often astonishingly) misguided thriller...
April 20, 2015
Fortunately, Neeson announced that very soon he will retire from action movies. [full review in spanish]
April 20, 2015
Just one of those films you end up seeing on a Sunday night when there is nothing else to watch on TV. [full review in Spanish]
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