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Runaway Jury Quotes

  • Marlee: (last lines) I wanna go home.
    Marlee: I wanna go home.
    Nick Easter: (last lines) Let's... let's go home.
    Nick Easter: Let's... let's go home.

  • Rankin Fitch: Trials are too important to be left up to juries.

  • Rankin Fitch: Everybody loses, just not me.

  • Rankin Fitch: What do you hope to achieve if you win? You gonna bring Jacob Wood back to life? No. You just ensure that his wife goes to the cemetery in a better car, and that the heel that she snaps on the way to the graveside belongs to a $1,200 shoe. You get your name in the paper. But Jacob Wood and all the other gun violence victims remain rotting in their crypts.

  • Rankin Fitch: Everybody has a secret they don't want you to find.

  • Doyle: It's a set-up.

  • Marlee: Anybody can be gotten to.

  • Judge Harkin: I'm not sure, but I believe I'm buying lunch.

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