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April 18, 2019
The Rock and Scott play an unconventional buddy team that has a similar dynamic to Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin in Midnight Run, but without the acting ability or comic touch.
July 6, 2010
...with The Rundown, presumably hampered by a PG-13 rating, Berg unleashes the Michael Bay within and turns each action sequence into an over-the-top spectacle.
December 14, 2005
With charm, style and just a bit of winking intelligence, Johnson shows a magical ability to carry a picture from start to finish. If only the movie was worth the star's winning efforts.
May 4, 2005
Sounds worse the more you talk about it.
March 14, 2005
January 13, 2005
April 23, 2004
It's Midnight Run with added insects but with only a twentieth of the humour and a hundredth of the charm.
March 30, 2004
March 17, 2004
O diretor Peter Berg e sua equipe foram assaltados quando estiveram no Brasil procura de locaes. Pois bem: eles se vingaram - e este longa a prova disto.
February 2, 2004
A letdown, more marketing tool than movie.
November 4, 2003
One of those failed adventure yarns in which the character interaction is forced to make up for other shortcomings.
October 12, 2003
Not a single character behaves with any logic at all, but at least they're colourful and energetic enough to keep our interest.
October 6, 2003
October 1, 2003
The screenplay ... is the sort of mishmash of action-hero and mismatched buddy-movie clichs that makes obsessive action-film geeks, such as myself and the friend I attended the screening with, gnaw our lips off in sheer desperation.
October 1, 2003
The fights almost make up for the excessively juvenile humor and a portrayal of Brazil that's as ridiculous as the depictions of Africa in old Tarzan movies.
September 30, 2003
Within the context of the script's gradual decline, The Rundown's faults narrowly outweigh its virtues.
September 30, 2003
Shows The Rock's promise as an action star. A better director would have let him deliver on that promise.
September 29, 2003
The plot is a particularly hapless Indiana Jones rip-off, which makes the mind-numbingly frantic and dull action sequences a fatal liability.
September 29, 2003
Passable entertainment that is notable primarily as The Rock's successful vehicle to action stardom.
September 28, 2003
A tolerable alternative when everything else playing at the mall is sold out on Saturday night.
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