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November 29, 2007
terrible acting the only thing here I loved was the 57 chev what an animal
October 31, 2007
Shoddy acting, terrible storyline. Other than that its great!!!! Lots of Phase 3's getting destroyed though. Id hate to think what sort of budget they would need to make it today. One of the best movies to come out of our country..
September 26, 2007
Drag racing from down under? Hell yes. The '55 Chevy's nice, the CHallenger is a bit gaudy but i'll take that four door Aussie-Falcon with the 351 (the same motor that powers by my 70 Ranchero, which is a huge car)under the hood, thats displacement at its finest.
August 7, 2007
One for the Car Buffs
July 13, 2007
It doesn't get cheesier than this in regards to the acting , but the film does contain a 57 Chev and a Dodge Challenger to die for. Only Rev heads will understand.
June 13, 2007
love this movie, classic street racing movie, its kind of old and low budget, but at least its more technically accurate than the fasts and the furious series, in fact it makes fast and the furious look like absolute turd
½ March 20, 2007
Cult australian classic car flick
January 11, 2007
makes me remember the t shirt my dad had with a beer and on top it had a gas gage pointing to the "E" for empty saying those words running on empty... hehehe
January 4, 2007
one of the best old aussie movies
½ January 3, 2007
It started off slow, but by the middle of the movie, I found myself invested in the plot and characters. River was nominated for an Oscar in this one and I can see why :)
December 31, 2006
one of the finenst australian movies made
Super Reviewer
December 19, 2006
Phoenix, one of the most successful young actor ever, did one of the most powerful performance ever.
September 26, 2006
gotta love River Pheonix
September 12, 2006
Another one that my husband loves.
July 5, 2006
I know its old ...australian and generally pretty poo but I love it
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