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½ April 23, 2014
The performances are what make this worth watching.
March 22, 2014
Different/Weird/Could have been better/Did not like.
January 11, 2014
Burroughs is my hero
January 7, 2014
An odd film. Bening was great though. Director Ryan Murphy has gone onto much better work with Glee and American Horror Story.
December 25, 2013
Kind of mixed feeling disaster
November 1, 2013
One of the best films of 2007. It's more than obvious that the critics didn't get it, didn't want to, and didn't care.
August 8, 2013
A little slow at times but ok over all.
½ August 5, 2013
I had a hard time seeing this as a comedy. Bening gives a phenomenal performance in this sad story of a boy growing up surrounded by bizarre dysfunction.
July 24, 2013
Maybe i'm lucky as I haven't read the memoir so i viewed it solely on a film basis and i am admittedly a little bit biased as Bening is possibly one of my favorite actresses but i found the film a wonderful cinematic event, with similarities to 'American Beauty' and 'We need to talk about Kevin'.
July 2, 2013
Read the book. It's much better.
June 28, 2013
The book was entertaining...
½ April 16, 2013
This story is very bizarre. I haven't read the memoir, so it has left me wondering if this movie could have possibly done it justice. Mental illness seems to be a strangely light topic, and there doesn't seem to be any main theme to tie all of the chaos and craziness together.
April 15, 2013
I loved this movie! it was smart and witty, and if you know a writer, oh so true!!!
½ March 31, 2013
not my type of movie
March 31, 2013
just looks hilarious
½ March 28, 2013
the strangest way to learn to appreciate life
March 27, 2013
I cannot believe this received such low reviews. It is a perfect screwball dramedy that takes one to new dimensions of repressed childhoods, crazy psychiatrists, (in)sanity and the crazy stylistics of the 70s. I ADORED it.
March 24, 2013
Is it a two-hour advertisement video for some cigarette companies? Because people in this movie are constantly smoking... And this is another movie that tells you depression and mental illness are serious illness. Bullshit!! They are "illness", it's not real. Also, this is another movie that celebrates gayness, and it makes sense because it's directed by a gay director Ryan Murphy (one of the producers of glee.) What's so special about being gay? Can't they describe these people as normal human beings? Why do they have to be specialized/categorized? (Just so you know, I'm not homophobic.) I do not like this movie. Gwyneth Paltrow is brilliant, and Even Rachel Wood is sensational (and so HOT!) But that's about it. Running with Scissors is depressing. Really.
½ March 16, 2013
Unless you're looking to be bored and depressed, don't bother.
½ March 4, 2013
ryan murphy ritirati per sempre
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