Rupture Reviews

April 28, 2017
It's been 15 years since Shainberg's wonderful "Secretary" and 11 since his lesser, yet still interesting "Fur," but this film replaces his facility with gentle, peculiar inquisitions into fetishism with something much more generic.
April 28, 2017
It's not involving; it's not scary; it's just kind of miserable.
April 27, 2017
Dreary, derivative and flat-out dopey, this dragged-out torture tale will disappoint even those whose hearts race whenever they see a female character strapped to a bed.
April 26, 2017
A diluted interpretation of Aughts torture-porn with a film-student appreciation for Gaspar No's color palette, Rupture is a sci-fi abduction thriller that leaves little to be thrilled about.
April 26, 2017
What sinks the film is Shainberg's insipid direction.
November 4, 2016
A slim and derivative exploitation horror.
November 3, 2016
The silliness and nastiness outweigh the possible interest.