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April 5, 2018
If it was truly "inspired by true events" then it was at least how much of that convoluted plot was true?
January 24, 2018
Enjoyed it but didn't really understand it
½ December 27, 2014
This movie was a train wreck. It wasn't really a good movie but I couldn't stop watching.
November 24, 2014
Rushlights is a solid suspense drama with a lot of twists and turns... Haley Webb does a great job as Sarah, Quinn and Bridges are terrific..if you get a chance to catch this film I recommend you watch it...
November 3, 2014
Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy finds out girl has dead room mate that looks exactly like her. Boy cooks up scheme to have girl pose as dead room mate to collect a big inheritance and split it with boy. Things do not go as boy planned.

A decent set up for a seriously undercooked noir thriller. The film drags so much in the middle section that you won't be able to work up the energy to care about the absurdly twisty climax. Beau Bridges and Aidan Quinn appear to collect pay cheques.
February 11, 2014
The film has way too many bad guys you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one! And yet it still managed to be pointless and boring!
January 12, 2014
Beau Bridges and Aidan Quinn are professional and the two young leading are interesting, but the story doesn't stand on , it gets more and more complicated until it becomes totally absurd. A missed chance.
December 30, 2013
Bad script!! Predictable but watchable.
December 27, 2013
a indie film which is a thriller. Even though u could predict it half way. But still not a bad movie. Only thing I did not understand when the heroine kills the drug peddler how did he turn up alive for the climax. It looks contrived.
½ October 9, 2013
Fans of Breaking Bad need not go into withdrawal just yet for lack of drug fuelled, greedy southwest weirdness. Out now on DVD, Blu-ray and I-Tunes / VOD is RUSHLIGHTS, director Antonio Stutz's suspenseful Texas thriller with enough steamy heat, plot twists and the occasional syringe in the eye to keep you on the edge of your couch for the entirety of its 94 minute spin in your disc drive of choice.

What a tangled, bloody, web Sarah and Billy (Haley Webb and Josh Henderson) two would-be grafters from LA weave, when at first they practice to deceive in Sheriff Brogden Jr.'s (Beau Bridges) tiny but terrible secret packed town of Tremo.

Long allegedly-true-story short, unshaven but smiling Billy meets weary but winsome waitress Sarah at Stanley's diner. Grungy romance ensues until Ellen a friend of Sarah's who coincidentally looks just like her, overdoses and documents in her purse indicate she was about to inherit a whole lotta land and other valuable properties from her uncle Zackary Niles in the Lone Star State. In a monumental moment of bad decision making, Sarah and Billy, get the idea (though he suggests it) to see if Sarah can pass as Ellen and lay claim to the multimillion dollar estate. What could go wrong? Plenty or this would be a fifteen minute movie.

At first Billy and Sarah's scheme appear to be going smoothly, thanks to the help of Cameron Brogden (Aidan Quinn), the attorney for Uncle Zackary's estate. Initially Cameron is courteous, seems to believe Ellen's story and appears agreeable to ownership changing hands in a calm, slow talking manner.

Not so neighborly however is Sherriff Brogden Jr. (Beau Bridges) Cameron's older brother and the law of the town for the past thirty years. Like most movie sherriffs Brogden is suspicious of all "foreigners" to the town, has plenty of questions and is determined to do as much poking around as the law will allow and maybe a little more to find what's really going on. What comes next is a perfect storm of murder, mendacity and cross dressed small town strangeness, the kind you don't hear about in John Cougar songs.

Without giving any plot twists or double crosses away, suffice it to say RUSHLIGHTS is a tense, indie thriller best viewed late at night through the bottom of a Corona bottle with a side of Cuervo, for sipping. One question that did come to mind was where are Harry Dean Statnton and Matthew McCaughnehey in all this?

As for the title, I still don't know what RUSHLIGHTS means, despite a quote at the picture's beginning having something to do with such 18th century trending topics as "pith", "rush" and "tallow" from a poem by B.J. Smith. But any way you view it or construe it, it's worth sticking around to the end to see who gets away with what may or may not be coming to them.
September 16, 2013
Aidan Quinn and Beau Bridges stole the show for me; I wish these two were in more movies together. They really grounded this younger cast with their experience. The visuals were absolutely gorgeous; they really sold me on the sense of isolation that seems to haunt the main characters. Rushlights is a departure from the average thriller and brings a chill to the Texas landscape. Highly recommended.
September 11, 2013
If you want to experience a truly compelling story, with intense visuals and an unexpected ending, Rushlights will be the film to push your critical boundaries and leave you breathless. Rushlights is a movie that is loyal only unto itself. For the record: I loved it!
September 3, 2013
deliquent spelled wrong in the Movie Info for this movie. Should be delinquent.
½ August 16, 2013
All in all, this was a great pick for a date night movie, especially if you want to end up close to your date... nearly jumped in my boyfriends lap when the shotgun went off!!!

Rushlights really keeps you guessing even up til the end! Not everything is as it seems-- but you won't see any spoilers from me! ;)
August 13, 2013
Best thing about this movie was the visuals for sure. Beautiful to look at - every frame is kinda like a painting. There were a whole lot of twists, I had a hard time keeping up. It just confirms that any time some kids stop in a sleepy town, they end up in some crazy trouble.

This guy says it perfectly in his review: "To say it mildly, there's gonna be a lot of dead meat in the Tremo scum pond before the night is out."
August 13, 2013
I love that movie - I don't know, there is something to it.,,, Intense story, looks exceptional, great acting, all that. I think its the 2 kids that got under my skin. Days later I read a review on the movie and for the most part I agree with the reviewer.
He says: " Unlike other thrillers, which will set you up for one major turning point, Stutz repeats the suspense to reveal several times creating a compounded mystery feel throughout the film. Every time you think the main characters Billy and Sarah are out of the water or closer to their pay off, some shift keeps the story going and the audience on their toes"
½ July 11, 2013
Appalling. Who wrote the script, Tarzan and his apes?
If you like 1970s D grade action TV then you're gonna love this. Keep an eye out for the British bad guy. And I thought all the English could act??
July 5, 2013
Director Antoni Stutz has created a fun, dark twisted tale with Rushlights. Its a movie where you simply enjoy the ride, the craziness, and the all out determination of an independent filmmaker to make his mark by combining independent flare and mainstream staples.
July 5, 2013
Featuring an array of impressive performance and technical credits, the film is reminiscent of John Dahl's early 90's thrillers such as Red Rock West and The Last Seduction.
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