Russian Doll Reviews

December 22, 2004
August 8, 2001
A talky, plodding romantic comedy in which the viewer is just waiting for the obvious plot twist to happen. And when it does, it's too unconvincing to feel satisfying.
August 3, 2001
Quickly becomes silly and tedious.
August 2, 2001
A tone of lame amiability doesn't compensate for lack of invention.
June 20, 2001
Suffers from a slow-paced, contrived script.
June 15, 2001
It conceals beneath its amiable ethnic facade a diminished version of every generic boy-meets-girl trifle to come out of Hollywood.
June 15, 2001
The film resolves the romantic dilemma in the most artificial and unsatisfying way.
June 15, 2001
The predictable plot unfolds in such slow motion that Russian Doll loiters, as if someone had slowed down the film speed.
June 12, 2001
Unlike the matrioshka dolls that serve as the mushy farce's obligatory plot-arc portent, neither the characters nor the movie have any inner layers to reveal.
June 7, 2001
Fails to get beyond the been-there, seen-that, prompting not much more than a few empathetic smiles.
June 2, 2001
This Doll has all the allure of a factory reject.
May 9, 2001
It's easy to predict the ending of formulaic films, but Australia's Russian Doll takes the cake.
April 12, 2001
Weaving deserves much better.