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June 20, 2008
Have not seen this one..would like to.
January 28, 2008
Good story, but dang these kids parents didn't teach them not to swear. Wholly Shi nanigans abound. :-)
½ December 17, 2007
Another fun movie from my childhood.
July 27, 2007
little known gem with joaquin phoenix- then known as leaf....
July 11, 2007
You need to watch this: "Not good bye, BAD BYE
June 28, 2007
Also another movie that was given to me as a gift from someone who knew my love of the russian culture. And as i started watching it i couldn't help but loving the horrible premise and the fact that it was almost a replica of every other 80's child staring movie. Also, a early movie for Phoequin Pheonix, but he goe's by the name Leaf Pheonix.
June 17, 2007
Not sure why I like this movie so much...but it's been on of my favorite since I was little
½ June 15, 2007
from russia with love
May 22, 2007
cool movie if i remember correctly... stars a very young joaquin phoenix...
½ May 16, 2007
Classic 80's movie as a kid. Saw it about 7 years ago and I realized how goofy it was.
April 28, 2007
I loved this movie when I was in high school. And wow! Joaquin is in it!
½ January 22, 2007
I thought it was good.
½ January 11, 2007
Great 80's Movie for Kids...When Joaquin was Leaf
December 24, 2006
I thort it was quite good! And i new i recognised th kid from somewhere! thn i realised it was joaquin! wooot! heehee
November 28, 2006
GPD Kids' flick. I did enjoy this one when I was growing up. I wonder what my reaction to the film would be now? Perhaps I should try to find it and watch it again... ya never know.
½ November 14, 2006
it was really stereotypical and the language was pretty strong considering the kids were so young
October 21, 2006
Hmmm seems like im the only one who really loved this film.
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