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August 11, 2009
Very slow movie lacking much juice
February 3, 2009
A breezy relief from the predictable potboiler and minus the overexposed unnecessary glamour added to just sell a movie. This movie traces back to the film making, storytelling styles of Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Comical,believable and simple characters, plot, situations. Pokes fun at the Hindi mega-seria watching kitty-party going stereotypes but portrays women in a very positive and staunch light. Delightful performances by Kiron Kher, Farooque Shaikh and Lillette Dubey. Even Tanushree Datta has kept her usual oomph in the back seat and underplayed her character to the hilt giving the sexpot status to Masumi Makhija. Over all a nice, lighthearted movie that captures the nuances of the current Indian culture with ease.
½ January 14, 2009
Boring. And I had seen the premier show!
December 8, 2008
An undemanding but enjoyable film that has a high feel good factor. very, very realistic characters; funny, light-hearted tale.
farooq sheikh is terrific.
October 31, 2008
very, very realistic characters; funny, light-hearted tale about a divorcee, the stereotypes she must break, the gossip mills she must ignore, the reputation she must build in society, the career and house she must manage, and the relationship she must protect with her daughter with India's booming economy as a backdrop. farooq sheikh is terrific.
October 23, 2008
liked the movie . Farook shekh and Kiron kher were awesome
October 16, 2008
A boring movie and the story is inspired from boring saas-bahu-soaps. This makes the movie very feminine and simply boring.
October 15, 2008
simple, different, not bores at any point, a mild entertainer which u will truely enjoy if u don't epxect typical hindi movie dhamal entertainment.
songs were nice too. farooque shaikh was very sweet!
October 15, 2008
Trying to relate love & intuition with stock market ?? Nah....
½ October 11, 2008
Loved the movie...enjoyable...loved Farooque in it..cute movie...all sasus should cluding mines who are glued to these serials..maza aya
October 1, 2008
A good atempt at somethin new.. very fresh.. could have done widout songs.. but still a good attempt.. Kiron Kher n Farooque Shaikh are the life of the movie..!
½ September 26, 2008
I thought it would be different and it was. Although not v impressive.
½ September 24, 2008
Simple premise, simple movie. Nothing that catches your outstanding performance by Farooque Shaikh.

The movie is worth watching only for that one performance.
½ September 23, 2008
An undemanding but enjoyable film that has a high feel good factor. Kiron Kher relocates to Mumbai without fully explaining why to her unhappy daughter, Nitya. In the community flats where they live is what is called a "kitty group" which the mother soon joins. As one might expect, this gossipy group of ladies like to speculate about the newcomer in their midst and an unfortunate sequence of events leads to some amusing incidents. The Sensex of the title refers to the Mumbai stock exchange and the group decide to dabble in the market, becoming caught up in the highs and lows. Their misanthropic broker is really quite kind and a burgeoning affection develops between him and K.

Meanwhile Nitya is befriended by the lovesick R who helps her get a job in a call centre. Unfortunately she is not the object of his affections but the beautiful but selfish Kirti who uses men to get whatever she wants, time, money and shopping.
Kirti meets her match and we see a strength to her character we hadn't before. Meanwhile Nitya is falling for R but it looks hopeless as his infatuation with Kirti shows no sign of ending. Will she find happiness?

An unusual film with a romantic comedy twinned with the apparently unstoppable rise of the Sensex! With the exception of R it is the women in this movie are the major players and make the decisions. I enjoyed it and recommend this easy going and frequently amusing film for those who don't want to have to think to hard while they relax in front of a movie.
½ September 21, 2008
Simple script.. simple story.. simple presentation. If you are big time fan of "Ekta Kapoor saas bahu shiiit" then this could be eye opener to you... lol.
½ September 21, 2008
Ok movie. Nothing special abt it
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