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  • Mei: Meow, meow, meow.
    ‐ Submitted by Jesse K (3 years ago)

  • Luke Wright: Been in restaurants all night... All I got served was lead.
    ‐ Submitted by Jeremy L (3 years ago)

  • Quan Chang: I want the girl dead or alive! Bring her to me or your head comes off!
    ‐ Submitted by Diego L (4 years ago)

  • Luke Wright: I'll have a white russian... and a fork.
    ‐ Submitted by Tom M (4 years ago)

  • Alex Rosen: You've got balls.
    Luke Wright: Surprising I can even walk...
    ‐ Submitted by Mitch B (4 years ago)

  • Mei: I've sen him fight. Bad business for you.
    ‐ Submitted by Pam H (4 years ago)

  • Luke Wright: I've been in resturants all night... all I got served was lead.
    ‐ Submitted by Chris P (4 years ago)

  • Luke Wright: I didn't know a trachea could break.
    ‐ Submitted by Chris P (4 years ago)

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