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½ May 24, 2010
Generally entertaining drama for the family. Hallmark Channel movie about retiring couple being asked to care for 4 jail bound teenagers. Based on a true story of the Smith's who eventually created their Safe Harbor Home for Boys. Safe Harbor is for boys that don't deserve jail time but need oversight and time to learn boating skills.

Doug Smith (Treat Williams) and Robbie Smith (Nancy Travis) are a couple living in Jackasonville, Florida with all of their time spent on or near their boat. Reluctantly they scrap their plans for a vacation when a judge (Orson Bean) begs them to care for some troubled youth.

Released by Questar Entertainment and itv Global, this is a Christian based presentation. In color, it is more of a television drama with scenic Florida setting.

Color, about an hour long. Moderately paced. We don't really see anything about the Safe Harbor Home for Boys as it currently exists. All we have here is the beginnings of the idea that the Smith's had for wayward boys.

Worth watching once, if only to see the evil social worker who does everything she can to frustrate the Smith's plan to care for the boys.
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