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December 22, 2014
Not a bad Errol Flynn Western of the day.
August 20, 2014
San Antonio (1945)

This is a great technicolor western, starring none other than Tasmanian actor Errol Flynn and beautiful Alexis Smith. It has everything you would want in a western, from a huge bar fight scene, to a gunfight inside the shadowy ruins of the Alamo. Thrown in is some good humor by S. Z. 'Cuddles' Sakall and several singing numbers. The movie begins with lawman, Charlie Bell (John Litel) crossing the Mexican boarder to warn Clay Hardin (Flynn) that he's a wanted man.

Clay has found some documented evidence linking Roy Stuart (Paul Kelly) involvement in the organized cattle rustling that has destroyed his and many of his fellow ranchers. He just needs to get back into town without getting shot, despite the odds against him. He sneaks a ride on the stage coach with a performer, Jeanne Starr (Smith) who will be singing at the saloon that ironically is owned by Roy and his equally smarmy partner, Legare (Victor Francen). Naturally, Clay and Jeanne are going to hit it off pretty well, eventually.

I know that it has become kind of standard cliche stuff, but it's fast-moving and all in good fun and well worth a watch.
August 15, 2014
140815: For some reason this movie seemed at least twenty years newer than it's release date. Well done, and classy. It's almost like they filmed a movie within a theatre production at times. Comes across as a very big production, and perhaps it was. Both an old school chase scene (with a cool horse stunt) and S.Z. Sakall's ("look an empty horse") court testimony brought a smile to my face. Features beautiful costumes and a huge gun battle, which takes place in front of, and within, the Alamo. Treacherous, ugly villains abound. Even with its glitches, a very enjoyable film with some amazing acting. Proudly researched the alluring (yet blonde), Canadian actress Alexis Smith after the film was done.
½ August 15, 2014
Errol Flynn wins Alexis Smith in a dynamite Technicolor Warner Brothers western--Great Flynn - delivers all you could want!!
May 24, 2014
Half of them are dead and the other half are foolish.

Jeanne Star is a local dancer at a tavern that is dating the local villain. Clay Hardin is a reluctant hero that agrees to take over the role of sheriff in San Antonio and clean up the town. When they see each other, they almost immediately have an attraction and ultimately fall in love. Can their doomed relationship blossom or will Clay's new job bring him down before he can secure Ms. Star?

"Who is she, another one of your flea bitten canines?"

David Butler, director of King Richard and the Crusades; C'mon, Let's Live a Little; I Love my Doctor; The Right Approach; Glory; The Girl he Left Behind; Look for the Silver Lining; and Road to Morocco, delivers San Antonio. The storyline for this picture is fairly cliché for the genre but the characters are interesting and I enjoyed the script. The cast delivers very solid performances and includes Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith, SZ Sakall, and John Litell.

"We don't see pretty girls like you around here often..."

I DVR's this off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) because it starred the great Errol Flynn. His charisma was perfectly on display in this film and he owned the film perfectly. Overall, this is an above average western that is a nice addition to the genre and borderline worth adding to your western genre collection if you have one.

"Play hard and never step foot in San Antonio."

Grade: B
July 29, 2012
28.07.2012: Decent but unmemorable. Flynn is great as always.
May 23, 2012
flynn's last epic western
½ December 22, 2011
The material is slight but this is wonderfully shot. Long takes, crane shots, and constant reframing make the film more engaging than it should be.
½ May 30, 2011
Nice big saloon set, nice number by Alexis Smith, but this flick sure takes a looooong time to pull the lead out.
March 18, 2011
This one wasn't that bad. Errol Flynn was the best cowboy around, but he was pretty good in this role. If you guys get a chance, check out, San Antonio.
½ April 1, 2009
I wouldn't say it's one of Flynn's strongest pictures but hey it's still Errol Flynn so it's still great!
March 1, 2009
It's always strange for me to see Errol Flynn as a cowboy, but it's still an entertaining western. Written by The Searchers author Alan Le May and WR Burnett.
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