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Sanctum Quotes

  • Josh McGuire: Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.

  • Frank McGuire: There's no god down here. This place doesn't give a rat's ass about you or me or any of us. We're bits of dust passing through.

  • Victoria: "Hot bath and a brandy an I'll be fine"
    Victoria: Hot bath and a brandy and I'll be fine.

  • Victoria: [rejecting ill-fitting diving suit] I'd rather be cold and alive than warm and dead.

  • Frank McGuire: He Fizzed Up!
    Frank McGuire: He fizzed up!

  • Victoria: ...all drowned in a sea of Hollywood What happened to the storm? "He was a helluva fellah Once you got to drown him."
    Carl Hurley: Sucking on a fire extinguisher You find the bad guys all choked out Drowned in a sea of Hollywood.

  • Carl Hurley: You are not going to set any records without me.

  • Carl Hurley: I have control. [laughs]

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