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½ March 12, 2013
Rebecca's performance is well acted and the message is good, but the execution often feels bland and uninspired.
February 22, 2013
Wonderful Christmas movie.
½ January 25, 2013
This is a film I find difficult to rate.

Certainly, it is no great cinematography. Yet, more than one occasion during the film it provoked an emotional response, previously I have state that provoking an emotional response is what is necessary for something to be considered great art.

Certainly its a propaganda film. It happens to be propaganda that I agree with. I'm certain the producers of this film did so in hope that it would convince those of the other side that their cause is just. Yet I see no way of this happening. Like most propaganda, it is well intended but I only see it being justification for cementing one's own beliefs, not changing hearts and minds. I can't think of any propaganda film that's ever changed my mind on anything, maybe if you count "Loose Change" as propaganda, but even that I may have been going in that direction beforehand, hard to tell.

Probably worth seeing and make your own decision.
½ December 30, 2012
I thought this was a very well-made movie. It addressed many different issues about abortion and unplanned pregnancy, including the effect it can have on others.

One angle that I found interesting (being a guy), was that they showed how Sarah's boyfriend had to make a choice as well. Rebecca St. James did an great job as Sarah, in fact the whole cast was excellent. I wouldn't really call it a family movie, simply because anyone under the age of maybe 12 probably wouldn't get much out of it. However, anyone looking for a good movie that clearly shows many different hard roads that lead from an unplanned pregnancy, this is definitely it.
½ April 29, 2012
while i did not hate the movie it wasn't a strong movie, for a movie that was video released it could have been better but the thing that this movie that fell flat was i've seen this story before movies like "Juno" its very similar and it was just boring. the whole thing about having god giving the girl visions was ok but alittle forced in my opinion but it was just ok so thats all i have to say about this movie
December 2, 2011
Good movie. Certain scenes came off as cheesy, but overall it was well done.
½ November 25, 2011
I'd like to give it 5 stars for the concept but the entire movie is based on misconceptions. For example, employers can't tell you to abort. Bosses can't sit in a room and tell you working mother's ruin the workplace. Does it happen? Perhaps in some places but overall, it's called discrimination and highly illegal. The message of this movie was lost on the super ridiculous examples of the real world. The movie did do a very good job of showing Christians who can be so bent on their views that they come across as having zero compassion. This is a very real scenario and possibly the most dangerous thing facing Christianity.
November 4, 2011
Felt like this took a while to get going but it was a good story and did well showing the two sides of abortion, but also the consequences. Was a pretty good cast, though I did find the different accents all a bit odd.
½ July 23, 2011
I feel that this movie pushed the "God knows best" message a little too hard. The plot wasn't awful, but it was very preachy.
½ April 21, 2011
Viktig film om å beholde barnet i magen.
½ November 15, 2010
Good, they handle the topic of abortion realistically and not as good or bad. The audience can get to decide for themselves what they would've done...
September 18, 2010
I remember exactly where I was when I saw the Kendrick brothers' Flywheel for the first time. My future wife and I were hanging out at one of my best friends' houses late at night and this low-budget gem came on public access television. It was hilarious. The time that we spent laughing at that movie like we were the stars of our own MST3K... it was immensely enjoyable. Unfortunately for me, I have a terrible habit of linking onto things with a parasitic sort of obsession. I sought out the rest of the Kendrick brothers' output for a long while, but then my focus turned to terrible Christian films in general. As of this moment, 14% of my Netflix queue consists of Christian movies. I am sick. Please get help.

I think the fever may be breaking, though, and Sarah's Choice may be partly to thank for that. The movie is about a career-minded woman (Rebecca St. James) who is up for a promotion which requires a lot of travel, but then she finds out that she's pregnant and must make a terrible choice: get an abortion, or keep the baby and lose the job. You know, I came to Christian movies looking for hilarity - but it's becoming clear that the vast majority of films in the genre aren't made with zero budget by buffoons. They're more often made by Christian film studios utilizing professional filmmakers and a larger budget - making them less adorable pet projects and more into hideous direct-to-DVD bores.That's exactly what Sarah's Choice is.

The Kendrick brothers are best known now for their Kirk Cameron vehicle Fireproof. The grainy film, the off-the-street actors, the lack of sound design or lighting that made their original movie such a treat has been forsaken in favor of slick editing and lame direction. I have almost no interest in their upcoming film because I get the sense that the Kendricks have left everything behind that once made them special. Similarly, Cross Shadow productions had a major victory with the no-budget Pray, but their presence in Christian cinema is growing and with it each subsequent movie is becoming more stylish, more "professional" looking, and therefore less engaging.

There's a lot of stupid things in Sarah's Choice. I took notes so that I could describe them to you. At one point, Sarah asks an employee at the abortion clinic if she remembers seeing a woman who was handing out holiday cards. "That's a Christmas card," the clinic staffer says with disgust, "We don't hand anything out like this." Oh, because they hate Christianity! Furthermore, the reason that Sarah has such a difficult time making this decision regarding her unborn child is that she has fallen away from God after her father's death - why didn't God save him? There are never any genuine atheists in Christian movies, they've all become angry with God following some crisis that shook their faith. And anyway, the answer to why God killed her dad is also pretty typical for Christian films: "God knows what's best for us." Sometimes, killing off your dad and getting you knocked up is what's best for you.

I could go on, but I almost regret taking so many notes on this dumb movie. I'm almost ashamed. There is nothing of value here. There is nothing funny, nothing entertaining in the least. At this point, I'm not getting anything out of watching these movies. Will that stop me? I don't know. I do get some kind of sick pleasure from feeling like an authority on Christian films. The fact that I can name-drop the Kendricks or the Christiano brothers or David A.R. White makes me feel like I'm some kind of expert on something. Plus, there are the occasional home-runs. There may be more The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry type movies, but every time I run across a C Me Dance or a You & Me, Us, Forever, I still get that feeling of ecstatic joy. It's a rush, man.

So yes, the actor who plays Uncle Clay in this movie is just about the worst actor ever. And everybody's arguments in favor of having the baby seem to boil down to either a blanket "abortion is wrong" or else the more disturbing "nobody is ever ready to have a baby". Sarah can't even pay her RENT, but nobody is concerned with that. Just because you can't afford to take care of yourself is no reason that you can't take care of a child, apparently. There are glimpses of absurdity that I can try to sift out of the endless monotony, but I'd rather not have to try this hard.

Much like Sarah, I now have a choice. I can either abort this freaky obsession with Christian cinema, or I can stay and see it through. I suppose it's like Uncle Clay says - you've got to go through the bad stuff before you can get to the good stuff.. or even, the great stuff. I'm holding out for great stuff. This shit ain't it.
August 19, 2010
Sweet, uplifting film. As expected in a low-budget Christian movie, there is some sub-par acting and cheesy dialogue; but some of the actors, especially St. James, deliver a surprisingly top-notch performance.

Positive and God-glorifying means two thumbs up from me.
Super Reviewer
½ May 20, 2010
I'm Catholic so I enjoy the occasional spiritual movie. This one was not a favorite of mine b/c I felt I was being preached to the entire time..

That being said, I know of a few women who have gotten abortons and it has always bothered them for years afterwards; So I think the movie brought up some good points.
½ May 9, 2010
Though the acting and storyline could have been a little improved, I loved the message. I just wish they would have presented adoption as another alternative, since many people forget about that one.
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