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½ March 14, 2016
Jean Harlow's last movie is very much like her others - minor without her, but elevated by her sparkling presence. She was one of the greats in an era when stars lived up to their billing. Harlow is paired with her best screen partner here, Clark Gable. Unfortunately, Saratoga is a rather bitter pill, as 26 year-old Jean died suddenly of a kidney infection midway through filming. The remaining scenes were filled in by her understudy, but it loses momentum and must have been torture to complete. Nice for us to see, but really a rather distasteful case of a big studio draining the last few bucks from a fallen star.
June 1, 2015
another gr8 pairing of Harlow & Gable ('Red Dust")
Super Reviewer
½ September 13, 2014
Really a nothing film, no more special then any of the hundreds churned out by Metro, albeit with a top flight cast, one far better then the material deserved. Of interest mostly since Jean died during filming and you sort of can't help watching and picking out the scenes where they used a double, most are easy to see, a rather ghoulish viewing experience.
½ April 5, 2012
Sadly, Harlow's last flick, which she didn't get to complete and a double had to be used. About a bunch of horse lovers that go around from track to track. Watch for Hattie McDaniel in this movie as well.
½ March 18, 2012
I watched this film as a curiosity, this being the film that Jean Harlow died making and I had never seen it. Going in knowing this, it was quite a sad film to watch, giving me a feeling I get when I watch "The Crow (Brandon Lee died during filming)" or "Giant (James Dean died during filming)." You watch, you know what her last scene was, you see her ill and can see she is not acting, but is actually sicker then what she should be in the scene. I do give credit to the people behind it, the original plan was to reshoot, instead they used a double to complete the scenes that needed to be shot and shot her from behind. It is a difficult task to do these days, let alone back then. Not to mention, Lionel Barrymore was also hurt making this film.

The film itself is a decent film from the 1930s, filled with a lot of the greats. Its a fun story and I laughed aloud several times. Jean Harlow and Clark Gable had made five other films together, and their chemistry on scene was great. Cliff Edwards, Hattie McDaniel, and Clark Gable would go on to make "Gone With the Wind," and there is an amusing scene between Frank Morgan and Margaret Hamilton who would go on to make "The Wizard of Oz." All and all, its a piece of history, and a must see.
July 4, 2011
After watching Hells Angels, Harlow's first film it brought me to this her last. Now I find her cute and attractive but never saw her great sex appeal. Her onscreen presence and personality from the two films I've seen is very likable though and I look forward to seeing more of her sadly small amount of work.

Saratoga. A charming romantic comedy set around horse racing. I found it very entertaining, some smiles and a laugh or two, interesting enough story and very good performances. I also liked the horse racing scenes and how they were mixed with the film. If Jean Harlow was ill I don't see it on the screen but she must have been during most of the filming. The scenes which feature a double are easy enough to tell but not so terrible as to ruin the film at all.

I believe this was Gable's 6th pairing with Harlow and there is a nice familiarity with their interaction. Clark Gable's last film was also Marilyn Monroe's The Misfits which is another film I need to see. So many.

Saratoga. Worth a watch for a good story, acting and chemistry, some light romantic comedy and Harlow's last performance at age 26.
½ February 11, 2010
Very sadly, Jean Harlow's last film. She died while in production. It's not among her best films, but it is still very entertaining. Her and Clark Gable always had amazing chemistry, so they are a pleasure to watch. Snappy dialogue and a fine supporting cast.
½ June 15, 2009
Saratoga (1937)

This is NOT one of the better Gable and Harlow pictures because this was the movie that Jean Harlow died in. The last third of the film Jean Harlow's screen double's back is to us or hidden behind a floppy hat or a racing form. Most studios would have simply re-shot the movie, or trashed it, but the Jean Harlow fans demanded to see this movie and it was more of a success than if Harlow had lived to complete the movie.

Saratoga is basically, a horse race movie. Sly rogue, Duke Bradley (Gable) is a bookie who buys a horse for Grandpa Clayton (Lionel Barrymore), to the discussed of his Granddaughter, Carol Clayton (Harlow). Carol's fiancÚ, Harley Madison (Walter Pidgeon) is a thankless roll. You know that Gable is going to get the girl.

Frank Morgan, Hattie McDaniel and Una Merkel also star.
February 26, 2009
If you can follow the plot its enjoyable enough, but Jean Harlow never completed the film (she died during production) and her performance is sadly marred by the various techniques used to cover this (doubles, etc.). I couldnt really get into the film, but it has does have some good scenes and snappy dialogue, and Frank Morgan, Una Merkel and Hattie McDaniel come off particularly well in supporting parts.
January 15, 2009
Jean Harlow best movie and Jean with Clark Gable makes the best on-screen team ever
½ November 2, 2008
Considering it was Jean's last performance and working while she had the start of kidney failure and the use of doubles and dubbed in voice in certain scenes it is one of her best performances
August 25, 2008
great movie Harlow's last not a bad way to exit
½ August 11, 2008
aww Jean's last movie
½ February 3, 2008
Romantic comedy set among the New York horce-racing and breesing set. Crackling chemistry between Gable and Harlow and fine support from Barrymore and McDaniels. Sadly Harlow's last film, but a worthy legacy.
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½ January 24, 2008
Such a fluffy plot, but a viewer just can't help but enjoy watching Clark Gable steal Jean Harlow from Walter Pidgeon. This is a staple of 1930s popular cinema.
December 10, 2007
jean harlow final film sadly, and ok so they used a body double at the end, but that cant take away the true wonderful spark that she gave. The chemisty between her and gable is pure electric, i just love Harlow, she died far too young and was in a league of her own in the 30's saratoga is a film which gave her a more upper class look, she just works the film brilliantly, ok so you know she will end up with gable but who cares. the scene with her smoking is a classic..
½ October 10, 2007
Sadly, Harlow's last flick, which she didn't get to complete and a double had to be used. About a bunch of horse lovers that go around from track to track. Watch for Hattie McDaniel in this movie as well.
½ September 15, 2007
Aww poor Harlow didn't get to finish her last movie :C
August 27, 2007
Tough to watch without playing the "Find The Fake Harlow" - she looks bloated and uncomfortable much of the time, but was charming. The singing was a hoot - Gable, Harlow, and the incomparable Hattie McDaniel each sing "The Horse With The Dreamy Eyes" (Hattie's is best!)
July 19, 2007
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