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½ November 12, 2017
I tried to watch this twice and fell asleep both times - thankfully at different times, so I can safely say: this movie sucks.
It's boring, nothing even remotely entertaining happens . . . ever.
½ October 30, 2014
Sister of a girl who committed suicide goes to her school, the Salem Academy, to investigate why and uncovers a satanic professor who has a hold on a group of students. TV movie with Aaron Spelling casting both Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd who would later become Charlie's Angels. Title suggests a grindhouse picture but TV limitations ensure that is not what the viewer gets.
May 18, 2014
Plodding made-for-tv production from Spelling/Goldberg has Satan himself as a professor at all-girls academy which aims to refine young women into ladies. Never delivers anything but the ordinary as new enrollee investigates the circumstances of her sister's untimely death at the school. Notable only for the cast, which features future Charlie's Angels Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd. I always preferred Ladd over Jackson as an Angel but here Jackson outshines. Remade in 2000.
December 9, 2013
Hell's Angels...of another kind--Eerie and atmospheric!!
January 31, 2013
I don't think this was an entirely accurate portrayal of a New England girls academy.
June 28, 2012
While it's not a particularly good film, it was interesting to see a film that Dario Argento used as a thematic reference for 'Suspiria'. There are some surprisingly disturbing moments scattered throughout this made-for-tv horror film, that make it worth watching for almost any horror fan. Just be sure that you're able to take your cheese with some salt.
November 21, 2011
Don't expect much from this TV movie. Very predictable and standard story, Not scary or anything worth waiting. Terry Lumley panicly driving fast and arrive at her sister's home, but she isn't there. She saw something and scream, lock herself in. The police and her sister Pamela Franklin arrive, barge in and saw her hanged. Police say it is suicide but Pamela don't feel so. She ask the room mate but she insist nothing is wrong. Pamela go to her sister's school as a new student to investigate. Kate Jackson is her classmate and guidance. Headmistress Jo Van Fleet welcome her and give her a lamp in case there is blackout. During art class by Roy Thinnes, Pamela saw a painting of her sister done by Jamie Smith-Jackson. She isn't close to Terry and painted her because she feel that she fitted in. Later after a psychology class by Lloyd Bochner, she go hysterical and scream in the hallway, later recovered in bed but she don't remember anything. Cheryl Ladd is in Jo office and police call to inform a student committed suicide. At night Pamela go to Jamie room and ask for more info, she say the room painted is something she see in memory and likely in the school. Pamela take the painting and try to find the place. She found the place in the cellar and saw someone holding a knife and run away, it was Lloyd. Jamie is scared when Pamela told her about the cellar. Pamela think the guy she saw in the cellar is Lloyd. At night Kate join her to explore the cellar, open the inner door and saw dead body of Jamie. Duo report to Jo and she pretend to call sheriff and she want them to keep quiet. Pamela don't believe all of them suicide and can't find Lloyd file, also can't find the 3 dead girls file. Another coincidence is that all the girls have nobody to help them, no parents. They explore Lloyd lab and found the files and also the experiment mouse are dead, he said something puzzling and jump down window. Duo saw Roy and get help from him. Lloyd fell into a pond, Cheryl and some other students hold long pole and drown him. Kate tell Pamela that Roy is a good teacher who inspire her to live. Pamela reveal her identity to Kate. Roy tell them to hide in his classroom, he find Jo and is the bad guy and evacuate the school. Pamela defy orders and chase after their van, when she open her car and Lloyd body is inside. Jo is afraid of Roy and went crazy. Kate says they need a gun and the cellar has one. After they got it, they open a door and Roy is inside along with other girls, Kate push Pamela in and join them. Roy tell her they will all sacrifice their souls for the 8 witches killed in the cellar back in the old times, Pamela can't snap the others and throw the lamp causing fire and run out. She grab Jo out and the sheriff arrive but the school is in fire. The 7 girls are burnt and Roy watch from the field and vanishes.
½ May 30, 2011
This TV movie is so bad, it's good. It has Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd in it, which is the only reason to see this!! They didn't even bother to digitally remaster the movie onto DVD, which is a shame!
October 17, 2010
just say the snob's review.

½ July 13, 2010
Avoid it if you happen to come across it.
July 8, 2007
While searching for the truth about her sister's suicide, Elizabeth (Franklin) infiltrates the all-girl boarding school she attended, posing as a student. The faculty and girls all seem friendly enough--especially insta-best-friend-on-campus Roberta (Jackson)--but with a title like "Satan's School for Girls", you gotta know there's witchcraft, evil rites, and guest lectures by the Horned One himself going on.

"Satan's School for Girls" is a better-than-average made-for-TV movie from the mid-1970s. Although uneven in its pacing (partly due to the constricting nature of broadcast TV and the habitual, barely veiled recapping of what's happened to catch up those who tuned in late), there is a nice aura of unease that hangs over the whole film, and it even manages to envoke a real sense of dread at several points. (The best of these is when Elizabeth heads into the main building's cavernous basement in search of clues.)

This could possibly have been a 7-Tomato film if not for the fact that it starts to fall apart in the third act. Up to that point, the filmmakers play a nice game of "maybe it is, maybe it isn't"... as in, maybe Satan WON'T be making an appearance in this film, despite the title. But then there's a really lame murder scene (where the victim could easily have simply reached up and grabbed at the girls who were poking at him with sticks, and thus made his escape), lots of over-the-top melodramatic acting, and an ending that is flat and unsatisfactory, because it's exactly what we expect it to be all along.

Despite its flaws, I think this film is enjoyable for those who like suspense and horror movies that are driven more by atmosphere than sex and gore. Fans of Kate Jackson (like yours truly) will also enjoy it, because she gives a fine performance.

Satan's School for Girls
Starring: Pamela Franklin, Kate Jackson, Jamie Smith-Jackson, Lloyd Bochner, Cheryl Ladd, Jo Van Fleet, and Roy Thinnes
Director: David Lowell Rich
½ October 20, 2006
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