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June 30, 2016
A drama showing a rebel in industrial England trying to have a good time but struggling to be responsible.
May 8, 2016
I'll save you some time. This is perhaps the most boring movie I have ever seen, and the plot is pointless. An alcoholic has an affair with his boss' wife, gets her pregnant, and end up with another girl. The end. That's it. Nothing gets resolved. Boring
February 27, 2016
I do NOT understand why people rated this a good movie. Shirley Ann Field was good. i did not like the main character or the story. i hate black and white.
½ February 25, 2016
Lovingly shot, well-scripted and nicely acted, this shows a transition from the archetypal and inconsequential "angry young men" genre to good outcomes.
February 4, 2016
Rich performances and beautiful cinematography make this an engaging piece of British Social Realism.
January 30, 2016
"Don't let the b******s grind you down!" The words which Arthur, the protagonist of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, lives by. It is a powerful voice-over narration by Albert Finney which begins the film and introduces who his character is. The only problem is, he does not explain that this life motto - at least for him - means constant lying and a lack of consideration for women.

We know from the get-go that Arthur is all about rebellion, specifically against his elders and their sense of tradition and manners; this is why he lacks any. He is also not the brightest star in the sky, letting his alcoholism (which he denies) get the best of him early on in the story.

Arthur dreams big though. There is a great scene when he is fishing with his cousin talking about a new girl in his life Doreen, when he states "never bite unless the bait's good." If this is another part of his philosophy on life, it is curious as to why he goes for the older, married woman Brenda early on in the film. Perhaps he is learning since his relationship with Brenda comes back to bite him later in the story.

With scenes of Arthur working at the factory, this becomes a commentary on the working class in England, but the commentary is slightly confusing. A young working man is susceptible to fall into a lifestyle including womanizing and living life to one's own terms, yet other characters who are nothing like him work with Arthur at the factory as well. In fact, Brenda's husband works at the same factory and from what we see of him he is a loving father and generally caring person. Perhaps, then, this film is a commentary on the young adult in England rather than the entire working class.

This is clearly a "rebellion" movie which gets its point across with some strong voice-over work by Albert Finney, and while the acting is great and Arthur is a well-developed, detestable person, at some points the audience can't help but ask "so what?"

½ November 28, 2015
"Albert Finny is just stunning "
August 17, 2015
Watching this movie was a real experience for someone who was born after the 60's. You can really peek into the lives of working class Britain at the time. Probably one of the best things about these movies is the sharp, realistic dialogues. Albert Finney was brilliant and 100% credible playing the roll of the young angry man.
If you have an interest in 60's movies this is one to watch. It certainly is a classic timeless British film.
April 17, 2015
As I was watching this film I knew I was in for a treat. I thought I was watching a french new wave film set in Brittain. Albert Finney stars in a tour de force performance about a man working the factory, being a womanizer and still living with his parents in post war Brittain. Entertaining, and the black and white Cinematography looks polished and refined (not like the era they were living in).
January 1, 2015
great filing from the 60s
½ November 23, 2014
Speaking of the youth's rebellious mind, Karel Reisz here is on par with Nicholas Ray. Brilliant performance from Albert Finney.
½ May 18, 2014
Undoubtedly controversial at the time because of all the extra marital sex and abortion talk. Albert finny is good but i think its not as relevant today as it was. Reminds me very much of "a place in the sun". No reason really to watch this movie except that Shirley Anne Field is gorgeous.
February 15, 2014
The first film of the so called British New Wave - Finney, in his first major film role at 23 is a revelation as Arthur a defiant, angry young man without a hope of escape from working class drudgery. This movie is bleak but mesmerizing. Based on the novel by Allan Sillitoe.
January 28, 2014
I actually really enjoyed this film. Alburt Finney did a really good job as Arthur, a British version of Marlon Brando and James Dean. If you like Rebel Without A Cause, East of Eden, On the Waterfront, and Street Car Named Desire then I think you will like this.
November 2, 2013
the first and perhaps best example of what is called 'british angry young men' pics
May 29, 2013
A great british film about a young man with a major problem with society - rash, raw and honest a great look at the bad side of british 60's youth culture.
April 9, 2013
beyond amazing. if you are sick of people telling you about great films that everybody knows about, and want to discover a lost gem, see this.
½ February 14, 2013
'Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not'. Now I know where that line came from.
Rebellious, provocative and must have been quite controversial in its days.
Super Reviewer
November 2, 2012
Definitely a film of it's time, rather than something that's good for today's audience.
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