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Saturday Night Live - Best of 96-97 Reviews

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August 18, 2010
Flixster has a bunch of tv shows on the site that they advertise & that's really what the individual webpages are for, for the individual movies & tv shows and episodes; that's what they & that's what Flixster itself has become. Such as with this continuous collection of "Saturday Night Live: The Best Of ..." and I find that to be particularly funny! There is many individual compilations from SNL & Flixster has them all. They have stated many times that they don't add tv shows of any kind and/or type, including comedy compilations, tv series episode compilations, etc., ...

And yet, here they are...showing off all of these different tv shows, sometimes individual episodes each with their own webpage; screw the compilation crap!!

When I pointed this out to Flixster, & I have pointed out many things to them, MANY times, ...along with making requests for them to add this movie, that miniseries, etc., I was told that they don't add such non-movie material/programs and that if I didn't STOP making such requests that my profile would be deleted!! I was actually threatened.... bc, I had pissed off this one in particularly vile little moderator-bitch who saw fit to abuse her authority over me, a user..bc, ...she was bleeding from her pussy that day!

I really hope that Flixster as a whole WAKES THE FUCK UP one day... and stops being a vile little bitch!!
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