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½ July 6, 2017
3.5/5.0 stars - Grade: B
June 25, 2017
A flick full of nice music and nice scenes from that gloriou era..Blair terrific as always..!
February 21, 2017
Way more fun than it had any right to be.
March 16, 2016
You'd expect the body count to be higher given how trashy everything else is but it's a fun time if you don't mind slower paced exploitation.
Super Reviewer
½ February 20, 2016
As revenge-sploitation films go, it's surprisingly good.
December 31, 2015
God this movie is so over the top it's great, even if the rape scene is horrible uncomfortable in its exploitative gaze... the one liners, the soundtrack, the violence.. all 80's sleaze at its finest...
November 14, 2015
I saw this film in the theaters when I was 14 years old and when it came out on VHS it became my "family" film. My Dad, Brother, Sisters, and most of all, my Mom loved this film! The Scars were so good in this film, especially Scott Mayer as Red! Also, look for Linnea Quigley in a very different role than the ones she's famous for. A female "Death Wish" film that I wish never ended!!!
October 14, 2015
Tissejš, paljasta pintaa ja tukkahevi soi taustalla. 80-luvun meinikiš parhaimmillaan.
½ August 3, 2015
It's 80s style gange warfare in this rape/revenge meets highschool teen comedy/drama. What happens when your sister gets raped and your best friend who's about to get married gets killed simply because you took a the car of a street gang for a joy ride and dumped trash in it?
You buy a bunch of weapons and kill the bastards... to an 80s soundtrack.
And that's essentially Savage Streets in a nutshell. To watch the trailer is to pretty much watch the entire movie. You don't get quite everything but you get all the main parts... so don't watch the trailer.
If you love 80s style and music mixed in with an American Graffiti style highschool drama you enjoy Savage Streets... especially if you like a little action styled revenge come time for the film to climax.
Clearly the film uses sex as the main selling point as it is not only a main part of the story (the rape) but the kids are constantly talking about it whether out on the town or even in class. There's also a very gratuitous shower scene that eventually turns into a very long girl on girl shower fight (clothing not optional here sorry).
While I think the end of the film should have taken a different path to completion, it still manages to satisfy. Linda Blair is very nice on the eyes and imo the best of the bunch... which makes sense being the main character.
This film is trash, full of trash, uses trash, and really needs a garbage man to clean it up and toss it out... but it's the right kind of trash so we'll forgive him for not taking out the garbage here cause sometimes... just sometimes... you need a little something that isn't clean and polished but more dirty and grungy.
½ July 4, 2015
Linda Blair (looking super-hot), a street-tough high school girl gangs loses her shit when a gang rapes her little sister (Linnea Quigley) and kills her friend. The Exorcist star, after securing a crossbow, proceeds to hunt down those responsible for upsetting her in this over-the-top rape-revenge teen sex comedy exploitation film.
May 14, 2015
No stars. Everyone involved in the making of this film should be ashamed of themselves. That's all I have to say.
August 10, 2014
wow.....what a trashy is nothing bad it is nothing good it is a trashy movie but its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie......i think that linda blair, john vernon, robert dryer, johnny venocur, sal landi, play good roles/parts throughout this movie......i think that the director of this drama/mystery/suspense/action/adventure movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie.....


Razzie Awards
1986 - Linda Blair (Winner) - Worst Actress

Saturn Award
1985 - Linda Blair (Nominated) - Best Actress
1985 - Linnea Quigley (Nominated) - Best Supporting Actress
1985 - Danny Steinmann, Norman Yonemoto (Nominated) - Best Screenplay

its got a good soundtrack throughout this movie......i think that this is such a really trashy movie 2 watch but its an enjoyable movie 2 watch......its got good fight scenes throughout this movie......i think that this is an enjoyable movie 2 watch it is a really trashy movie 2 watch but its such an enjoyable movie 2 watch i think that linda blair was good throughout this movie....

This is one of the few non-horror films that both Linda Blair and Linnea Quigley star in.

i think that this is a really trashy movie 2 watch but its such an enjoyable movie 2 watch its got good fight scenes throughout this movie.....its such an enjoyable movie 2 watch with a good cast throughout this movie......its got good car chases throughout this movie its such a really trashy movie 2 watch but its an enjoyable movie 2 watch with a good cast throughout this movie.......
July 16, 2014
Rape & Revenge with Linda Blair as crossbow vigilante. The time between the rape and revenge could have been shorter and the revenge could be more violent.

What do you do when Linda Blair joyrides your car and dumps garbage on it? Rape her deaf-mute sister #RapistLogic.
½ June 1, 2014
Classic 80s vengeance
½ March 21, 2014
What should have been fun example of 80's trash cinema sadly leaves a bad taste in the mouth. All the elements were there, the great cheesy soundtrack, the sleazy plot, the cast/setting, all good. But the rape scene here is so amazingly poorly judged beyond all reason that it pretty much ruins the whole movie, as grotesquely it's intercut with a borderline soft-core porn scene involving Linda Blair cat-fighting a completely nude girl in the showers. What kind of response is the director trying to achieve here? To be honest I don't want to know as it just feels like the man is more of a pervert than an actual film maker. If the movie overall was handled a little better it could have been a minor classic, but its sexulisation of abuse (intended or not) is really too morally backward -even for a sleaze picture -to be worth a watch.
August 8, 2013
I highly recommend this over-the-top rape revenge action hunk of 80's cheesy goodness. They don't make em like this anymore. Lots of scumbags, boobs, and heart. I can't really say much else that hasn't already been said about it. Linda and Linnea are at optimum hotness and everyone really puts effort into the acting even if it is a low budget movie. Check it out if you're not lame and only watch new movies!
July 3, 2013
A rape/revenge flick centered around Linda Blair (Regan from The Exorcist) seeking vengeance on text book camp 80s gang called the The Scars who brutally raped and battered her deaf sister. A serious set of Charlies on Blair.
March 5, 2013
A rape/revenge flick centered around Reagan from The Exorcist (Linda Blair) seeking vengeance on the The Scars who brutally raped and battered her dead sister. A serious set of Charlies on Blair.
½ January 23, 2013
If you see only one movie about Linda Blair killing rapists with a crossbow, make it this one.
January 23, 2013
Superb 80s vigilante trash classic--Excellent exploitation flick is one of Linda Blair's finest moments!!
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