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Save the Last Dance Quotes

  • Kenny: Don't blame me; I didn't want any of this!
    Chenille: What? 'Cause I did? I climbed on top of myself and got myself pregnant?

  • Malakai: This is an A and B conversation, so C yourself out of it.

  • Snookie: They call me Snook, the coochie crook.

  • Chenille: And this is Diggy. She thinks she's down.
    Diggy: Excuse me? I am down, okay?

  • Derek: You can do it. Sara, you were born to do it.

  • Nikki: (after Sara and Nikki's fight) It ain't over, bitch.
    Nikki: It ain't over, bitch.
    Sara Johnson: I don't even know why it started, bitch.

  • Sara Johnson: You know what? Derek and I like each other and if you have a problem with that, then screw you.

  • Sara Johnson: You know, Snook, you talk a lot of shit for someone who never says anything.

  • Chenille: You can't help who you love, Derek, you're not supposed to.

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