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October 8, 2001
Lo que salva a la pelcula de ser un fracaso total, son las slidas actuaciones de Stiles y Thomas.
July 3, 2001
A surprisingly effective piece of work.
June 14, 2001
As MTV movies go, it's got decent work in it, thanks entirely to Stiles, Thomas, and the fact that there are almost no adults in the picture.
April 16, 2001
It ain't deep, but that's okay. If we can't all just get along in the real world, it's nice to pretend for a few hours that we can.
April 16, 2001
It's just a pity for the actors and the audience that the theme of conquering one's background, prejudices, and limitations has to be spelled out in block capitals.
April 9, 2001
As original as the foxtrot and as profound as a Janet Jackson video clip, this film is also immensely watchable and likeable.
March 30, 2001
Patronising hybrid of a myriad of other teen movies. Don't bother, just watch them instead.
March 24, 2001
..less self-conscious and more willing to brave the stress and uncertainty of narrowing the racial divide in movies.
March 19, 2001
This movie recognizes the value of dance and of love. I walked out of the theater feeling very happy.
February 13, 2001
... a worthwhile film that's an unusually honest portrayal of teen life.
February 7, 2001
The production disappoints both as modern-day dance film and Jungle Fever redux.
February 7, 2001
There's a nice little dance movie waiting to step out of Save the Last Dance. Unfortunately, the story keeps tripping it up.
February 7, 2001
Whatever happened to wanting to dance simply because it's fun?
February 7, 2001
Though the movie suffers from cornball plot twists and clunky dialogue here and there, it stays true to itself... an admirable trait.
February 7, 2001
[Has] two really good performances by their respective leads.
February 7, 2001
As one might expect from a film credited as an 'MTV production,' Save the Last Dance is one-half realistic portrayal of youth, and one-half pure cinematic pablum.
February 6, 2001
Stiles and Thomas supply what this movie needs most: a heartbeat.
January 30, 2001
Quite a bit smarter, and more entertaining, than the majority of what some people call teenybopper flicks.
January 15, 2001
In the spirit of all MTV-spawned productions, Save the Last Dance is a trite amalgamation of themes and scenes from other, more interesting, movies.
January 15, 2001
Overall, Save the Last Dance profits from well-developed principals, a vigorous sound track provided by Mark Isham, and a feel for the grit and warmth alike of an otherwise impoverished neighborhood.
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