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June 24, 2006
It's a shame the closing moral about a more pragmatic, inclusive approach to spirituality is conveyed with such a heavy hand.
August 7, 2004
No doubt the filmmakers are bracing for -- even hoping for -- a display of ire from religious conservatives. But the truth is, nothing in Saved! stings.
August 1, 2004
A minor work, yet it has a teasing lilt to it, and to make it at all took courage and originality.
June 24, 2004
After two comically inventive scenes, it quickly turns soft and flat.
June 11, 2004
Something puts the fear of God into Saved! about halfway in.
June 11, 2004
Saved! ultimately can't quite go the distance, but it's a promising debut by a filmmaker to watch.
April 22, 2019
German-born writer/director Brian Dannelly's film reinterprets a genre he clearly loves with the camp fervor of the born again.
January 25, 2018
After 90 minutes of this film's dozy condescension, you can only marvel at Hollywood's near-total ignorance of a large chunk of its local audience.
May 5, 2013
The real value lies with what its audience does afterwards
December 28, 2010
Begins as a satire, ends with a renewal of faith.
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