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½ April 7, 2014
Cette histoire de Pape enfermé en dehors du Vatican se trouve etre une sympathique comedie dramatique assez touchante et divertissante, sans pour autant laisser un souvenir imperissable. Tom Conti & Giancarlo Giannini sont excellents, les autres seconds roles font le boulot et Edward James Olmos campe un bon bad guy dans un film qui se regarde et s'oublie vite. Il y a de pires facons de passer deux heures devant la télévision.
November 16, 2013
"Pope Leo IV", a fictitious pope, played by Tom Conti, suffers doubts about his faith, when he realizes that he cannot honor a mother's request to save her dying child. After a young deaf child finds her way to the Vatican to ask the pope to send a new priest to her village to replace the priest, who abandoned his post, a series of comical events leads the new pope locked outside the Vatican, dressed in his gardening clothes. Unable to reenter the Vatican, because the security staff is preoccupied with watching a football game, and unrecognizable to the public, he remembers the little deaf girl, and the plight of her village. He then hitchhikes to the village, and finds that the villagers there have suffered a similar crisis of faith, and helplessness to fend for themselves. He then enlists a gang of boys to help him, and the delinquent town priest, to restore the dignity and faith of the town's people, without outside help from the Vatican. These efforts lead to a tragedy that galvanizes the town's people to work with this apparent naive vagabond to restore the town's ability to function, without outside charity. This a wonderful film about exploring one's beliefs, and putting those beliefs to practical use. Something that the current pontiff, Pope Francis (a practical display of Christian values), would undoubtedly support.
September 24, 2013
The write up is incorrect, this is NOT a comedy, although it has some funny moments. This is a serious movie about a spiritual journey (that even popes go through) on a quest to find out what is REALLY important in life. It is an excellent movie about faith, doubt and rediscovery of faith again. I highly recommend it.
March 26, 2013
Esta es una película poco conocida pero que es realmente muy buena. Narra una historia ficticia pero con un gran mensaje. Un hombre joven es electo Papa y al sentir que está perdiendo el contacto con la gente sencilla, decide escaparse del Vaticano y ocultarse en un remoto pequeño pueblo de la campiña italiana, donde allí se involucra en el proyecto de la comunidad de instalar un aqueducto. El actor Tom Conti personifica a la perfección a este singular nuevo jerarca de la Iglesia Católica Romana, y junto a él, el filme cuenta con un gran elenco con talentos como Fernando Rey, Giancarlo Giannini y Edward James Olmos. Es un filme que con un tono humorista logra con gran efectividad transmitir un buen mensaje cuestionando el rol de la Iglesia y lo que deberían estar haciendo en las comunidades. Altamente recomendada.
January 9, 2012
where can I get this movie?
October 20, 2011
have you seen the pope lately?
October 8, 2011
Usually a film that is meant to be "good clean fun for the whole family" means a dearth of intellect followed by a shocking lack of entertainment value.

This charming gem is not going to be for all tastes, but it is entertaining, engrossing and for the most part a film that can be viewed by just about anyone from any background.

I personally am not Catholic, even so, the story of the Pope being locked out of the Vatican and finding himself in a small village without a priest and stepping in to fill that spiritual void has a wealth of dramatic depth, a wide variety of comic moments (that strangely to current tastes may have to be explained due to a complete lack of bodily emissions or references to genitalia) and even a truly platonic romance.
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