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June 4, 2017
Beautiful film, one of Spielberg's best. emotionally and visionally stunning
½ June 1, 2017
I used to say that I didn't like war movies, and when my husband wanted to watch Saving Private Ryan on Memorial Day I was reluctant to agree, especially after seeing that it's close to 3 hours long. I was so wrong about this movie. I ugly-cried through about half of it, and the comedic moments were perfectly timed and made the characters very personable. It's a fantastic movie and I will definitely watch it again.
May 23, 2017
A few more disembowlments then I would prefer, but what the hell.
May 16, 2017
i loved this movie! in the begining it was about d day it was really cool but sad when i watch this i thoght about all the soilders that gave up there lives to give US freedom
½ May 13, 2017
Perhaps the most violent, savage and sadistic depiction of one of bloodiest battles of World War II, the D-Day of the Normandy Invasion in France is recreated in this movie, as the mission to recover the last of 4 brothers takes place. It is a story of deep sorrow and loss, but of great bravery. Winner of 5 Academy Awards from 11 nominations and Baftas and Golden Globes and many more.
It certainly highlights the fact that WAR is an awful nasty business that shouldn't exist.
May 3, 2017
A good war film that adds in history of the Normandy landings with a Hollywood storyline that you wanna root for.
May 3, 2017
Great film. Excellent actors.....
April 28, 2017
Such A great movie!!!
April 26, 2017
Absolutely beautiful. There is nothing wrong about this movie at all, the perfect american-theatre WW2 movie with no over-the-top heroic bullshit.

Must have watched at least 4-5 times.
½ April 23, 2017
The Mother of modern war-movies. Some commentators see this film as an anti-war movie. I tend to disagree and see it more as a display of patriotism and american heroism. The movie ends with the american flag waving... that says it all, doesn't it?
All pride and patriotism (and no allied forces) aside, this movie was beautifully done considering sets, camerawork and acting. It is now a timeless classic. You can watch 20 years from now and it will still look good and realistic. If you don't know this movie, put your smartphone aside and watch it like it's 1998.
April 22, 2017
Why is this group of men walking hundreds of miles to save one man? What makes him more special over millions of others? That's a good question. One that many find tough to answer. Me included. FUBAR.
April 18, 2017
Spielberg in complete control of his vision.
April 18, 2017
Not the best war story but certainly the most immersive war movie ever made.

After the 1st scene, I was exhausted!
April 14, 2017
Normandy, 6 June, 1944. The Allied invasion to liberate Europe from the Germans has begun. Captain Miller is the commander of a Ranger company on Omaha beach. He and his men undergo a harrowing ordeal on D-Day before taking their objective. Days later they are given another mission: save Private Ryan. Private James Ryan, a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division, is somewhere in the interior of Normandy and the US high command want him found and brought back safely. In the last week three of his brothers have been killed and he is the sole surviving son in the family.

Incredible movie by Steven Spielberg. As a war movie it is the most realistic and gritty movie you'll ever see. The Omaha Beach scenes are the most accurate and graphic depiction of battle ever committed to celluloid. Militarily correct in every way.

Great plot, with a great message. Very emotional at the end.

Great work by Tom Hanks as Captain Miller. Good support from Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore, Ed Burns, Barry Pepper, Giovanni Ribisi, Adam Goldberg and Jeremy Davies. Ted Danson, Dennis Farina and Dale Dye appear in minor roles. Even has some big names in pre-star days: Vin Diesel, Bryan Cranston, Nathan Fillion, Paul Giamatti.
April 11, 2017
This movie is really sad. I loved Tom Hanks character so much and didn't want him to die. This movie deserves the attention it gets. Only reason it isn't a five star is because Tom Hanks shouldn't have died. Also the last action scene seems to familiar to me as if I've seen it in another movie.
April 10, 2017
When we see all the lives that were lost fighting for what we stood for at the cost of so much. When what we see or don't see we know that lays ahead we all wait. When what we see is the last place they stood & the unknown. When what we see we learn not to do to find an alternative to survive. When we see fewer crossed other places before they could cross over the beach, when we can't save evetybody. When what we see we dont let it stop us when it's the pressure, overwhelming death, what we see, what we hear, our disabilities, and what we can't see we push forward. When we see we must lead when we are ambushed to fight our way out. When we see the are just beginning such wars to see it could end all before it started. When what we see we must hold some places from being taken over while others stop us to see we are fighting for our lives & victory for our country to either move forward of backward. When we see we are prepared for such events to cover inch by inch closer to our targets, using every trick to see and fight. When what we don't see it backfires on us. When we have the best eyes and targets around to see we move forward slowly. When we see we can't save everyone, but still give a fighting chance. When we seize every opportunity we can get to see we hit our targets. When we see our enemies near or far we must round them or kill them all until one side gives up. When we are prepared to wait, when we see got the same man power to overtake. When we see each fighter is different, some that show mercy and others relentless. When we see we don't care for when we only see the enemy to die. When what we see we can't do nothing about when we are all fighting the same war and we are all good fighting bad. When we see how barbaric some people are to see an end to life to see we are fighting for what is right and for those whom can't fight. When we see when the firing stops, we are notified of the dead. When we see we must send the word to those first that others won't see their lived ones again when they served the ultimate price their life on the field. When we see that somethings we see are too horrific to make others see that this needs our attention when someone whom gave us alot to serve our country now has to see less when they lose their life. When we see we can't allow some people to lose their whole life to save whatever is left to see that there is someone coming home waiting for them and they can grief together, for not all is lost. When somethings we see we know when people come a long√,¬† way to tells in person what we can't see no more. When we see how proud we are to stand by those whom serve, hang their picture proudly, see what fine men they become to see they won't return. When there is not much to see in some places, that enlisting is natural when our country comes first, to serve and put ourselves in high places where we wouldn't get the opportunity to make something of ourselves in low & lonely places. When what we see of great importance to the cause, to the voubtry, and army we protect when we have see some people safe when livlihoods are at cost and our regard of humanity. When we see we have top men for the job seeing to it we find our men and other men strategically√,¬† placings and dropping our men in the right positions for us to see victory. When not everything we see is highly classified and confidential that we need to focus on, when we see we are reading the words of those from home whom seen life as the cost of it to not give up on it when they mean plenty to us and others alive more then we know or can see, when we don't lose sight in what we are fighting. (Abraham Lincoln) when somethings we see plenty of we can't see no more when we don't lose sight in filling our appetite for death all the time to save room for life after. When how we see somethings we are given orders to see when we are asked to handle special operations with no room for error to give it to the best we see fit.

When we see that we have to go in deep to carry what we need and what we can carry when our eyes are not on seeing the heavy combat of war but a small mission to save someone we need to see safe. When we see others fit for such missions, to work together and see we come out alive. When we see we are all highly skilled, to see we are sent away from the war zone to only wish we could see some people and end this whole piece of shit of a war. When we see we must weather all conditions to see we push forward. When we see whom to see when we are all assigned areas we must fight and hold when we all push forward closer to our targets and eventually the aim targets we wish to reach. When we see we need others help when we see things are getting worse and there is no place for us that is safe. When we see some resolutions and see we could lead some people to safety to only see ourselves struck in its paths. When what we can't see we get hit, when we are in other people's places and they see us coming from high. When we can see our own kind when we see how others fight this war to win. When fighting this war we wish we could see to what is coming to us when we only see it our way but others see differently to stop us in our tracks. When death we cover those from seeing this war when they are in a peaceful place now. When somethings we see we stumble upon when we come face to face with the enemy to see whom gives us first, when we both see eye to eye that we are relentless and not giving up without a fight. When we have eyes everywhere that the more eyes to see with the more better the chance in hitting our enemy.

When whom we see, we think we are seeing but turn out to be different. When we see many are displaced when we directed some places, stumble upon some places, and stuck to some places. When we just know some places sre not meant for others to see when they have to be in other places taking care of what they need to see at home. When some people we keep seeing we remember when they were in the wrong place as well when we ought to see to their safety. When we see some faces we know and care about when we see them for quite a long time to know whom they are to see how special and great they were to us that others wouldn't be able to see like could. When what we don't see now we see later when we see somethings all wrong. When we see one man's life is worth another, when we ought to see no man's life is worth one man's fascist greed. When some faces we can't seem to get out of our head when we wished we could see some people whom makes see life so delicately and precious. When what we see or hear we can't ignore or go to sleep when we see alot but can't help but know others are seeing their ends fighting what they can't see at night. When we see we have a lot of areas to cover to not see we end up in some places where it's worst. When we see some had it worst to land in some places they never intended to be, when we are taken down but heavy fire. When we couldn't have seen somethings coming to steer away to see we lost a lot of lives. When we come to see if one man is here that we come down for to see we are making a fool out ourselves in the process. When we make sure we make our enemies see whom we are to making sure we make our fellow men see whom we are when we respect see what they been through to show a little humanity. When we begin to see life come and go to not be bothered whom comes in our midsts. When we see we are all headed to the right direction when we know we are going the right way, to see we are close to our targets. When we see are covering a lot of ground, when we see our own people in shit shape fighting what we are not seeing when they got to them first. When we see closer we get to our targets, the closer we see our way home. When we see some areas we can't avoid when we need to see we get to see some people on the other side. When what we see we see no room for error when others need to trust in what we see to get ourselves to the other side.

When what we see we must kill, when we need to see the otherside. When we don't need others close by to see from the far side. When we see we have seen a lot of death and lives we saved to see ourselves helpless in saving our own when we are a casualty of war. When we see we are good at seeing somethings but not everything in seeing to those safe. When we see life just up and go from near and far, fast to now slow to see we see it all and sick of seeing these piece of shits alive. When we see it could have been alot worse if we didn't see to stopping it. When we see somethings must die to see our ticket home. When we had enough seeing life go when we all see life the same way as those we see go to know we hate it here and want to go home. When we see somethings want to see themselves like us when our old self could get us killed. When we are seen as fools, to see how a caged animal have no humanity left dig himself out the same hole he got himself in. When we see we do have some humanity and good left to not see eye to eye with those whom rather see pieces of shit dead. When we see we are all fighting the same war to see we rather fight whom we don't see eye to eye with when we can no longer trust others to see we over us. When all we want to see is home in our simple life we enjoy seeing when we compare it with what we see here. When seeing somethings we once used to see is something when we once had a feeling before this war started to know what would remain once we see home. When we will always see war and all what we have done to know we can salvage one single piece of decency and humanity thst earns us to feel home once again.

When somethings we see we position ourselves make our targets true. When somethings we don't intend to see, we stumble upon seeing the true target we came for. When we see what others came long and far to make us see to know we only see it our way, when we see our ways is what what our brothers would like us to see it not abandoning on those whom we sworn to see & protect. When we do see it from others perspectives to know we see some tickets home are not easy to come by when it's much harder when we have to see to those safe. When we see we the importance of what we have to do know we see all our tickets home in one plane in the right direction with whom we see eye to eye with. When we see what we have to work with, when what we see on the ground others can't see from up high when we are seeing to our own tickets home. When we must see we cover all areas to see we get our targets with little we see can hold them off. When we see somethings to know we see somethings small when we take them under our wing when we see it like a mother would see it to get them home. When we see other things that can overpower us with their engenuity we see we are in for a hell of a fight. When we see we can't move forward no more to hold somethings back. When we see other things overpower us when they are moving and we haven't seen somethings in a long while when it's a women's voice we yearn to hear after seeing so much men to have enough of it. When we see how happy it is to feel and see somethings to move us that we can't seem to see anymore when it hurts thinking about it. When what we came here for we see, we dreaded thinking about, after seeing it over and over again in our head to see it all begins and ends with this fight. When what we see we wish we to no longer see when we only wish to see the world one more time. When we ought to see that every has enough to keep seeing when we are seeing one side win. When seeing everything from we need to see, seeing that we live in a better world, keep those safe guarded to seeing we can't do it when we we cone all this way to see we don't belong here, we never did see the point of all if this war shit, we just see to others die without us lifting a finger. When we have always seen to seeing we help our own to having no one to see over us when it's our end.

When we see we all end up everywhere fighting separate battles we see we ought to be fighting, we can't help but not see them when we are sering our own ends, seeing we have to give up, seeing we can't move anymore when we are exhausted, wounded, and can't see ourselves go any longer we can't see why GOD DIDN'T TAKE US SOONER AND WHAT REASON WOULD HE BRING US ALL THIS WAY? WHEN IT IS TO MAKE US SEE, WE ARE DESTINED TO LEAD TILL THE VARY END. When we see what we must do in the end, to fight for good and every humanly possible reason. When to see GOD HAS A PLAN FOR US ALL IN THE END TO SEND ANGELS TO SEE TO OUR SIDE WINNING, TO SEE WE PROTECT WHAT IS RIGHT, WHAT IS GOOD, WHAT WE WISH TO SEE LIFE MOVE FORWARD, AND SEE HOME AGAIN WHERE WE BELONG. When we see others got to see us safe, followed their orders and duty to their country, men, and humanity by doing what so little could do or see forward doing when humanity was once on the grips of a different world power seeing how humanity should live, until it was brave men whom risked their lives to sacrifice it all so we could live with the freedoms we see today. When we see whom we owe everything to, to see we made you proud in what you gave us and what you see is earned. When not many could see what we been through to know that many sit and watch in the comforts of their homes what we saw hands on, that they never again SEE THIS KIND OF WAR HAPPEN AGAIN. When we owe you a debt of honour that we see we could never repay back, but always remember to see all those whom given their lives on that faithful day.
½ April 6, 2017
Arguably the most powerful war film ever produced. An intense, gritty, realistic style film that leaves you feeling so many emotions by the end you can never forget it. The performances are also near perfect for what you want in a war film, plenty of character development. Saving Private Ryan will go down in cinematic history as one of the best war films, and one of Spielberg's finest directorial outings.
½ April 4, 2017
"Saving Private Ryan" is the best WW2 film out there. It starts off with a memorable 25 minute opening sequence which is arguably the best scene in a Spielberg movie. It is highly realistic for its time and it's tense from beginning to end. At the end of the sequence, it shows you a dead soldier from the "Ryan" family. Later we find out that 3 of the 4 members of his family died and Capt. John Miller (Tom Hanks) and a group of 7 soldiers are sent to bring the remaining brother back to his family before he dies as well. With an unforgettable story, the plot is quite moving even just thinking about it. The movie was also expertly shot and acted. Every action scene is realistic as it is bloody. After soldiers are killed off, it makes the soldiers question if the mission is worth it and it often creates conflict with them. The final battle has a big buildup and carries on for just the right length.The ending is tragic and it gets me every time but its emotional resonance sticks with the viewer after watching it. This is one of the best films of the 90's due to its impact on the viewer.
April 3, 2017
Saving Private Ryan is by far in my opinion the best war movie ever made. The opening battle scene on Omaha beach during D-Day is the best war action scene I've seen. The plot of the movie is that Private Ryan's brothers are killed. One in New Guinea, another on Omaha beach, and the other on a different beach during D-Day. Because of this, Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) is sent out to find Private James Francis Ryan so that he can go home.
Now of course the plot of the movie may sound a little far fetch, but it in no way deters from the horrors of World War 2 in the European theater. I like how the movie doesn't try to villify the german soldiers. At least in the beginning of the movie, when the American soldiers are able to take the beach, two soldiers come across what appears to be a couple of nazis trying to surrender. They're saying it in their native tongue and the Americans are unable to understand them. Because of that they were shot and one of the soldiers replies to his buddy saying, "Look, I washed for supper." What the soldiers were actually saying was, "Please don't shoot me, I am not German, I am Czech, I didn't kill anyone." This cements that there's no real good side in war. Each side is in it for their own reasons whether that's for "fighting for freedom," or being forced to fight as the case here.
What I like about this movie is that all of the characters are likable and memorable. From the tough, hard-hitting Brooklyn Native Reiben, to the soft hearted Upham. My favorite being Jackson, the resilient sniper played by the awesome Barry Pepper.
I think this is the best performance by Matt Damon I've seen. At first he's unwilling to leave as he believes it's his duty to fight alongside his "new" family, the Airborne troops. And because of this, Captain Miller and his squad help the Airborne troops defend a town from the German army.
From the action sequences, to the small character moments, this movie has great performances, and what I feel is the best War movie ever made.
April 3, 2017
Watched time and again
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