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Saw IV Quotes

  • Tracy: What you can't do... is save everyone.
    Tracy: What you can't do, is save everyone.

  • Cecil: I don't have a fucking soul.

  • Agent Strahm: Girl loves boy, Boy loves girl. Boy gets girl pregnant, Girl loses baby... boy turns into a serial killer. Jill, I'm not buying it.

  • Jigsaw/John: You don't want to do that.
    Cecil: The fuck's your problem?
    Jigsaw/John: You're my problem... and you're becoming everybody else's too.

  • Art: I recommend that you stay alive until the fucking... clock counts down.

  • Agent Perez: Who's he?
    Hoffman: Lieutenant Rigg, the SWAT commander.
    Agent Strahm: What's his problem?
    Hoffman: Everyone around him keeps dying.

  • Hoffman: Game over.

  • Rigg: You have to save yourself.
    Rigg: [to Morgan] You have to save yourself.

  • Jigsaw/John: By hearing this tape, some may assume that this is over. But I am still among you.

  • Jigsaw/John: You think it is over just because I'm dead? It's not over... the games have just begun.

  • Eric Matthews: I don't want to play anymore!

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