Saw IV Reviews

December 26, 2007
Whereas the first Saw and the third met the right balance, the second film and now the fourth push things a little too far and end up being less effective as a result.
November 21, 2007
Were it not for the saving grace of Tobin Bell's mere presence, there's little doubt that Saw IV would come off about as well as a typical straight-to-video horror sequel.
November 1, 2007
There's more gore in store. Now here's "Saw IV."
October 31, 2007
Despite the clucking disapproval of the cinematic intelligentsia, the Saw films aren't successful by accident.
October 30, 2007
It's deeply unsettling; just like a horror movie should be.
October 29, 2007
The absurdity reaches new highs in Saw IV, which asks us to swallow developments that simply aren't logistically possible, never mind realistic.
October 29, 2007
Saw IV is a fluid film, as neatly constructed as the deadly puzzles Jigsaw creates to snare his victims.
October 29, 2007
If the gore quotient has been upped in this chapter (really, after a certain threshold has been reached, who can tell?), the style has, too.
October 29, 2007
Director Darren Lynn Bousman sees to it that Saw IV fulfills the franchise's ethos of inventive, gory sadism and grungy, creepy surroundings faithfully and creatively.
October 27, 2007
If we must get a new Saw movie every Halloween, at least the franchise is evolving and not just regurgitating the exact same formula.
October 26, 2007
If the original Saw was the kernel of a potential terror universe, Saw IV is, by this time, a series of satellites and lesser celestial bodies bound together by some of the best bloodletting in modern macabre.
October 26, 2007
It's a been-there, done-that sort of sequel, but it's still more creative than most of what passes for Hollywood horror these days.
October 26, 2007
As far as fourth installments in a series, Saw IV is quite impressive.
October 26, 2007
Saw IV is a perfectly serviceable sequel to a series that, for all intents and purposes, should've gone to outer space by now.
October 25, 2007
With Saw IV, the pieces have all come together and [it's] the best of the lot.