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June 7, 2015
Well the effects are good,but that doesn't stop the film from ending with two men staring at each other shaking looking like they are having an intense poo
April 2, 2011
So far from the tree have they fallen.
December 18, 2010
considered either scanner cop 2 or scanners 4. It really should be called scanner cop 2 because it is a sequel to that one. Overall, Patrick Kilpatrick is a much better actor than Daniel Quinn which results in a lot of hope that he wins.
½ August 31, 2008
Probably the weakest of the Scanners movies, but stil not that bad. Builds well on the characters from the first one. It's probably worth seeing for the facial expressions alone...
March 24, 2008
weird movie. awesome affects
Super Reviewer
January 27, 2008
So exciting to see a detective and a serial killer, both of whom are scanners, must scan to the death in this gory but passable film.
½ January 2, 2008
Even worse than the first.
An unecessary series.
July 17, 2007
I saw this under the title 'Scanners 4: Scanner Cop'. See this one for Patrick Kilpatrick's performance alone. His facial expressions during the 'scanning' sequences are so unbelievably funny, they will send you into hysterics. His performance in this film is right up there with his portrayal of the gay robot gym teacher from "Class Of 1999" AND his greatest role; Christian 'The Sandman' Nailer from "Death Warrant".

"Do you know what prisoners hate most, Burke? Prisoners hate SCANNER COPS more than anything. FUCKING SCANNER PIGS!!!"
July 17, 2007
I want to see this based on the cover alone...Patrick Kilpatrick.
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