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June 12, 2008
the same as the first not the best movie i seen but its better than a few.
½ June 7, 2008
I watch loads and loads of DTV, independent piles of crap regularly and expected this to fall into that category, but surprisingly SCARECROW SLAYER is not that bad. Corny, campy, and zany fun follows most of the movie and will keep you laughing and interested. While this is not a good movie, it sure can keep one entertained for an hour and a half.
April 9, 2008
the best movie ever besides gone wild
½ March 11, 2008
this might be the worst movie ive ever seen. and thats saying a whole lot
February 23, 2008
With this film the scarecrow duel at the end was very anti-climactic...but why was I expecting to be climactic in the first place? This is definitely the weakest of the Scarecrow trilogy.
December 25, 2007
most of the reviews for this movie below me are negative, that's the be expected from people who don't understand pure majesty. every edition of this movie should be lined with silver deblumes for its glory. also check out the doc with the dvd. you'll realize everyone thinks they are making a movie that wont make want to poop a leopard
December 24, 2007
SciFi movies are god. Hail to B movies.
½ November 28, 2007
they removed the best parts: the unnecessary acrobatics and the bad puns. what the fuck? way to ruin my holiday movie night.
½ November 26, 2007
The scarecrow duel at the end was very anti-climactic...but why was I expecting to be climactic in the first place? This is definitely the weakest of the Scarecrow trilogy.
November 23, 2007
The first one was so much better!!!!! I own them both on DVD
November 4, 2007
Well... uh, it was better than Scream Bloody Murder...
October 7, 2007
A horrible movie..thats made into a horrible sequel. One of the worst ideas ever...and thats why it's so awesome.

Todasaurus Rex!
½ August 14, 2007
Horrible. The scarecrow didn't even look like he was put in the scenes with the other actors and was instead green-screened in half of the time. Acting was bad, writing was bad, story, lighting, ... Everything that could go wrong with a movie went wrong here.
August 6, 2007
oh yeah,this movie stars cory krumlauf and randy lane in one of their best adventures yet a great one for the kids on a saturday night
July 30, 2007
Terribly funny. If you are a fan of shitty B movies, watch this.
July 24, 2007
haha just because this movie was filmed in 8 days and probably cost about 100 dollars to make, does not mean it is that bad. plus, the terrible script is so quotable. its more funny than scary. watch it now.
½ July 24, 2007
July 19, 2007
I feel so honored. I am the only, THE ONLY person to have seen and reviewed this movie. I promised myself I wouldnt cry but damnit, I cant help it. I have so many people to thank. My parents of course, for letting me watch so many movies. Mark from Blockbuster, who never judged me for my rentals. And all of my friends who stood by me while so many others said "Scarecrow 2?!?!?! No way. I'm leaving." You know who you are. And, finally, God. he who allowed such terrible movies to be made.
Oh and by the by, terrible movie
July 15, 2007
Fan of horror and thriller and never heard of this movie but I will be checking it out and I hope that it is good
May 18, 2007
As Ridiculous as it gets. It looks like a high school attempt at comedic garbage! Seriously, There is nothing worth looking at this movie! It is NOT even worth a $1 rental(if you could even find it so cheap)
Terrible acting, actors, scenes, story, very VERY cheesy, etc etc etc just an overall TERRIBLE movie!!

If you can help it,
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