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Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Quotes

  • Old Man Wickles: Darn bushes yowling at me again...

  • Fred Jones: You can't fool me, your just Afried to so your sensitive side.
    Black Knight: Oh, you touched my little child... And he's really MAD!

  • Scooby Brainiac [Voice]: Barking at things, chasing cars! Eating my own vomit! Oh, those were glories times!

  • Shaggy: (picks up page, That was printed) "All clues... At lass, what are these strange marking?"
    Shaggy: [picks up page, that was printed] All clues... At lass, what are these strange marking?
    Fred Jones: (turns page around) "words"
    Fred Jones: [turns page around] Words.
    Shaggy: (amazed) "Ahhh, words"
    Shaggy: [amazed] Ahhh, words.

  • Ned: You were a dude this whole time?
    Dr. Jonathan Jacobo: Of course, Dumbkoff!
    Ned: (Disgusted) But we cuddled!
    Ned: [disgusted] But we cuddled!

  • Black Knight: OH! Right in the roundtables!

  • Evil Masked Figure: Mystery Incorperated! Once again, you have proven useless to my power! Soon, all of Coolsville will be MINE!

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