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This martial arts film features Tonny Tulleners (a karate champion) as a U.S. government agent who goes after international terrorists in some picturesque locations: Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. His terrorist-fighting takes on another complexion when he is required to protect a terrorist who is going to testify against his former cohorts. Soon the glamorous locations are transformed into the interiors of bedrooms and hospital wards as the body count rises.
Action & Adventure
Directed By:
Written By:
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Crown International Pictures


Tonny Tulleners
as Steve Woods
Don Murray
as Gifford Leese
Robert Logan
as Gordon Thomas
Allen Williams
as Phil Keller
Kathryn Daley
as Jackie Wielmon
Ross Elliott
as Sam Douglas
Thom McFadden
as Lt. Woodman
Adam Pearson
as Jack Devlin
Adam Ageli
as 1st Faued
Louis Alexander
as Male Patron
Ari Barak
as Hanis
Pat Bishop
as Cab Driver
Richard Bravo
as Tough Guy
Pamela Jean Bryant
as Flight Attendant
Carmen More
as Madrid Ticket Agent
Tom Cassell
as Deputy District Attorney
Taia Chard
as Hotel Clerk
Lawrence Cohen
as Douglas' Driver
Robert Colbert
as Brig. Gen. James Hagen
Cam Colee
as Young Flute Player
Robert Darnell
as Lt. Tom Miller
J. Michael Epps
as 2nd Police Guard
Marianne Fornstedt
as Evening Hostess
Jane Gierlich
as Mrs. Douglas
Bob Golden
as Helicopter Pilot
William M. Griffith
as George Cauffman, District Attorney
Douglas Happ
as Cessna Pilot
Billy Hayes
as Wolfgang Stoltz
Kathleen Hernandez
as Madrid Telephone Operator
Tom Hess
as Ticket Agent
Robert Hinshaw
as 2nd Policeman
Marty Imsland
as Dr. Grant
Douglas Joho
as Leese's Guard
Jack Lightsy
as 1st Police Guard
J. Victor Lopez
as Bartender
A.C. Fredrick Maikai Jr.
as Police Officer
Felix Martin
as Priest
Jimenez Alumo Martin
as Men Outside Cantina
Luis Marugon
as Man on Donkey
Steve Mattson
as Waiter
Dea McCallister
as Morning Hostess
Bart McManus
as Douglas' Aide
Clemens Meuleman
as Pietor Geerlings
Dimitra Mina
as Nurse Receptionist
Herb Mitchell
as Fr. Ghys
William Moy
as 3rd Police Guard
Patricia Murray
as Head Nurse
Byron Nelson
as FBI Agent
Colleen Nelson
as Candy Striper
Anna Ortega
as Terrorist
Vivian Patrick
as Dr. Ghy's Secretary
Shawn Player
as Harbor Patrol
Lisa Pontrelli
as Leese's Secretary
Marie Anita Potts
as Waiting Relative
Stephen Riead
as Young Steve
Thomas Riead
as Young Phil
Joy Rinaldi
as Passenger Leaving Plane
Alfredo Sedo
as Alfredo
Bill Sherwood
as Agent in Cessna
Rebecca Shinall
as Girls in Stateroom
G. Joseph Stone
as Political Official
Leroy Tardy
as DIA Agent
Allan Thomas
as Col. John Forbes
Gloria Thomas
as Leese's Maid
Brad Wilson
as Ship's Photographer
Erik White
as Ship's Purser
Harvey Whitaker
as 1st Policeman
Peter Yanovitch
as Special Agents and Police
Stephen Woods
as Reporter
Kelela Wright
as Police Guard's Wife
John LaZar
as 2nd Faued
William Utay
as Pathologist
Wendy West
as Mother in Park
Pedro Velis
as Police Officer
Sonia Vera
as Female Patron
Wayne "Crescendo" Ward
as Hotel Manager
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Audience Reviews for Scorpion

I originally bought "Scorpion" used from a mom and pop video store when I was in high school but the tape was unwatchable due to being wore out and damaged. After all these years and finally being able to sit down and watch the entire film I find it hard to believe that it was actually rented enough to be wore out. Perhaps it was an unlucky renter who wanted to ruin the tape on purpose in order to save unlucky future viewers from witnessing this monstrosity. Well we get a special agent code named "Scorpion" who drives around Mexico in a Porche beating up jackasses in local bars. Well he finally gets an assignment to enter an airplane that has been taken over by middle eastern terrorists (he enters the plane in Jockey shorts no less... barf). Now he gets assigned to protect a middle eastern terrorist with vital information but his best buddy bits the big one so he takes it on himself to solve the plot blinded by vengeance. The title character is played by nobody Tonny Tulleners who was advertised on the original VHS box art as a kickboxer who originally fought Chuck Norris professionally. Speaking of Chuck Norris, Tulleners tries extremely hard to mimic his former foe to no avail. He grows a big, manly 80s 'stach to be even more Norris-like. Sadly he lacks the charm, wit, martial arts ability and overall likability of his rival. Hell Tullener's voice is even annoying! The whole film is filmed unskillfully in the hands of director William Riead. This guy directed a shit ton of made for TV film making documentaries throughout the decade with "Scorpion" being his first 'professional' film. Guess what? He gives "Scorpion" and extremely dull, made for TV documentary look. He can't even film a good martial arts sequences properly. The original poster artwork with our hero jumping through a pane of glass made this look like an entertaining piece of 80s action cheese but it's an all out lie. The film is boring and drab in the hands of a documentary film director and Tonny Tulleners is completely uninteresting as an action hero. "Scorpion" proved to be his one and only foray into the action film world and I guarantee no one will shed a tear over the matter. Do yourself a favor... rent any Chuck Norris action film instead of this boring drek.

Eric Reifschneider
Eric Reifschneider

An awful action film that has some hilariously bad moments. The film fails on so many levels to follow a decent plot and each scene is painstakingly stretched out. I could not believe how bad the movie was but it also was shocking to see the acting. I am not the most critical person but it was so bad and so boring. Beside some of the death scenes it was not worth watching at all. So many awkward camera shots and it looked like no one knew what was going on. Overall, Beside some really hilarious scenes a lot of it is dead space.

Matthew Marks
Matthew Marks

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