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September 8, 2017
Its gimmicks haven't grown up, although its older fan base has.
April 21, 2013
Weak plot, half-assed performances and lacking any originality make this a lame and uninspired film.
January 15, 2013
Fails at chills, stumbles as satire. Tired. Played out.
October 2, 2012
Everybody is still a suspect and everybody is still a victim, but narrowing down our Ghostface has become easier than ever.
September 20, 2012
"Scream 4" continues to show that the series has passed its prime.
January 29, 2012
If you only watch Scream 4 once, it might prove satisfying. But the film fails to hold any value beyond its first screening, largely thanks to a sloppy script that feels like a rough draft.
October 20, 2011
The characters grapple with the 'rules of horror' films, but the number one rule that I am sure everyone involved with 'Scream 4' knew but refused to say: The fourth installment always and forever sucks.
June 28, 2011
Why do teenage boys like to watch pretty girls get eviscerated and why do the would-be victims get off on watching their proxies get butchered?
May 4, 2011
Craven happily treading water, exploding the clichés he exploded so successfully 16 years ago. Result is a brain-dead brainteaser, a mirror reflection of a mirror reflection.
May 1, 2011
This is what happens when a movie series that's stuffed so full of red herrings, movie references, and meta musings about its own plot finally collapses under the weight of its own ridiculousness.
May 1, 2011
The Screams have always focused on the grisly business of turning horror into entertainment, and predictable entertainment at that.
April 22, 2011
The self-reference that looked mildly clever in 1996 is getting downright masturbatory...
April 22, 2011
There is such a thing as too much meta and, contrary to popular belief, irony is not always good for the bloodshed.
April 20, 2011
there is only so much one can do with self-aware characters
April 19, 2011
It is better than Scream 3, but so are most things... I, personally, cannot recall the last time a film insisted on its own pointlessness with quite this much ferocity.
April 19, 2011
It's time to lay ghost face to rest.
April 18, 2011
Although not without momentary charms, "Scream 4" eventually splashes around in a shallow pool of blood -which is precisely what it bags on its peers for doing. As it lumbers to a ludicrous denouement, "Stab 5" starts to not sound so bad after all.
April 18, 2011
The creative cognitive dissonance on display in Scream 4 is truly astonishing... Forget meta horror comedies: it's as if neither Craven nor Williamson have seen a single movie of any kind at all in the past decade.
April 18, 2011
Fifteen years ago, I ended my Scream review by saying that the horror genre needed a new face. It now needs considerably more than that.
April 17, 2011
Scream's brand of horror, which lampooned the slasher genre while simultaneously embracing it, was fun and breezy in 1996. In 2011, it's about as fresh as the whiff of something stale and rank from a crypt.
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