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January 3, 2006
A roaring good time.
November 6, 2005
May 12, 2005
February 8, 2005
November 19, 2004
October 20, 2004
I saw this during a brief visit to Germany and it really helped things suck less. Possibly even funnier dubbed in incomprehensible German.
June 4, 2004
Necessary viewing during the holidays.
May 21, 2004
The smart-aleck comedy keeps the holiday cheer from getting too sugary.
April 30, 2004
Forgetable holiday offering with Murray at his least inspired.
December 7, 2003
Proves that remakes and new visions of old material need not be redundant.
August 28, 2003
July 29, 2003
May 20, 2003
In spite of the jokes at the expense of television-network censors, there's very little in the film, aside from naughty words, that wouldn't be perfectly acceptable on prime-time television.
April 21, 2003
So-so variant on A Christmas Carol as a Bill Murray vehicle,
March 18, 2003
Made in the crappy Murray years between CADDYSHACK and RUSHMORE. A few laughs, but mostly forgettable.
February 12, 2003
Good idea that never fully plays itself out.
February 6, 2003
February 4, 2003
Bill Murray as Scrooge? Now that's perfect casting!
January 24, 2003
November 7, 2002
By the time it draws to a close, the movie and Cross demonstrate their faith and belief in goodness -- and do it hilariously and affectingly.
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