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Scrubs - The Complete Fifth Season Reviews

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½ December 1, 2011
How the characters are made is so amazing..
December 5, 2007
Season 5 of Scrubs is, without a doubt, the best season of the show. What makes it so are the great acting of the cast, the wonderful directing, and the writing. Even though these elements are in the other seasons, they really show here.

What really makes season 5 great is the writers' bravery to stand out among other sitcoms. There are plenty of wacky, surreal moments outside of JD's imagination that deliver major laughs. From gags like Floating Head Doctor to wild ostriches to the Janitor's elaborate pranks on JD, You'd have to be a person with 0% of humor to not laugh. Aside from the hilarious slapstick moments, the drama still hits home. The episode "My Lunch", in which Dr. Cox tries to save 3 patients by getting the transplanted organs had great drama amidst the expected comedy, plus a great performance by John C. McGinley.

The DVD has some interesting commentaries, along with great cut scenes, alternate lines, and funny easter eggs. Great extras here.

My advice is to add Season 5 to your collection. You'll get your money's worth.

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