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½ February 18, 2013
Wee Of Fear more like.
December 4, 2012
Interesting ending,and probably the first horror/slasher film to take on the plot of making fun of themselves as they play there character at the same time since 1996's Scream.
October 27, 2012
retard low budget movie..filmed maybe in Washington State or Canada....summer vacation?? or winter vacation??? no bikini bodies no sun nothing..they were in Alaska?? what a trash movie.. give a favor dont see this movie so bad!!!
July 1, 2012
I only gave one star because it is the lowest rating. It deserves less.
September 29, 2010
zero movie
June 16, 2010
Sea of Fear is without a doubt, the worst horror movie in the entire cinema. This movie made me want to vomit. I do not know who will actually like this movie. The movie was all over the place. It was so confusing. The trailer was stupid and the movie was stupid. When I looked at the cover I just went this is going to be a total car crash, and I was right. I think this is one of the first times that I was right when I thought a movie was going to be really, really terrible. I give it a 0/1,000,000. I would fall asleep right when the movie begins if I have to watch that piece of junk again. Don't watch Sea of Fear. It is a waste of your time, and your life. 0 Stars
½ June 16, 2010
5.5/10. Decent horror thriller. It's certainly not one of the best movies of the year but it does have a reasonable amount of suspense. Good job with the low budget the film has. Edward Albert is not a plus, I never did like him as an actor, and this film hasn't changed my mind on that. The setting of a small sailboat on the ocean adds to the suspense.
September 14, 2009
Recommended NOT to watch by MsNightwatch.
September 12, 2009
I saw this movie with absolutely NO knowledge of it and it just turned out to be another low-budget horror film that leaves you disappointed.
The acting was mediocre; casting a big bunch of actors I've never heard of. Some were good and some were bad.
This was the most WATERED DOWN horror film I've ever seen. The 'blood' that was used (which was hardly any) looked so fake and the movie couldn't find its own identity. First it's a horror film then it's something else then it's back to a horror film and it goes back and forth. The ending was just weird. Not scary, but weird.
I'm pretty sure you've never heard of this movie and it's best if you don't. Please don't waste your free time watching this, 'cause U'll regret it.
AVOID this as much as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ May 28, 2008
Not as good as it could've been, especially with the weak ending, but i think that if the director had better funding, he could make a really good movie, that SEA OF FEAR just couldn't be...
½ February 15, 2008
Sea of Fear is not as good as it could be, especially with the weak ending, but I think if the director works harder he could makea pretty good movie.
½ September 23, 2007
This movie should have gotten the oscar for Most Ugly Cast & movie that makes no sense. WORST MOVIE EVER.
August 10, 2007
Not the best scary movie and the twist was silly.
July 14, 2007
What the fuck?! This movie is so bad that it's hilarious. I've watched it twice, and it still LITERALLY doesn't make any sense.
July 14, 2007
I would not rate this as a scary movie. Very anti-climatic. Very twisted plot, that was the only part of it. Once you think you know the ending, it changes.
½ July 11, 2007
why isn't there ZERO STARS FOR THIS? the worst movie i have ever watched ever... please do not watch this movie. i ended up laughing towards the end because it was so pathetic
½ July 11, 2007
This movie really pisses me off... The ending made no since at all. Fuck it.
July 7, 2007
dreadfull acting , really obvious and stupid!!!! it was difficult to watch i felt Embarrassed for the ators they were so bad!!i give it a minus 10
½ May 10, 2007
Heres one my contenders for worst movie I've ever seen. From the get go, it's slow.... you're expecting it to get going, it almost does, then doesn't. Then when it couldnt get much worse, it does somehow. The acting is laughable it's so bad, I've seen better in elementary school plays. Please... Please, do yourself a favor and never watch this. It has nothing to offer, and I'm embarrassed to have watched it.
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