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½ September 19, 2011
Italian Film Festival Oct 2007
Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand

The Second Wedding Night [Italian title: La Seconda Notte Di Nozze]
Sat 13 October 2007

This was a slight change of pace to the other 3 films seen at this year's Italian festival. It's set post WWII - a little sobering and a little humorous. People are struggling from food and housing shortages. A widowed mother and son team resort to temporarily sleeping inside a church behind make shift screens. They even consider taking residence in an old rail car. The son is dodgy - apparent from the incongruous smart suit - he lies and steals to con his way from trading a stolen car part to setting himself up with a chauffeur gig which he never intends to fulfil and instead takes off with the car and its valuable contents to another city when he learns about a rich uncle. We learn how low he will stoop when they break down en route and the son suggests selling his mother's sexual favours to another driver for car parts. When they arrive at the uncle's the son doesn't content himself with the bounteous amounts of food and a comfortable home and disgraces the entire family by cheating his new boss. The poor ashamed mother wants to leave but the uncle is prepared to take on the son regardless of his antics, as long as she will stay and marry him. The ending was a little flat but sweet nonetheless.
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