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September 4, 2014
For an action movie for 12 year olds it might be good. To bad it's rated PG-15 now. It has Hulk Hogan without facial hair...for the rest straight-forward and predictable.
½ June 11, 2013
On croirait qu'un film de Hogan avec presque pas de Hogan serait meilleur... ERREUR !
October 1, 2012
It was five star when I was a kid and not watched it since I was a kid
½ March 10, 2012
Worst god damn movie ever made
July 23, 2010
awsome dvd my hero still
July 15, 2009
this movie was so godly when i was a kid. i wanna re-watch it.
Super Reviewer
April 8, 2009
If you are a fan of wrestling hero Hulk Hogan, then you'll enjoy this movie. If not, then you'll still enjoy this movie. Hulk Hogan stars as Raymond Chase, a secret agent who is trying to keep a special "laser gun" prototype hidden from a group of bad guys who want it for no reason. The gun soon ends up in the wrong hands so Hulk Hogan and his small gang of kids set out to find it. Him and his son, Jeremy Chase, end up battling the evil Eve played by the beautiful Lesley-Anne Down and her evil army. Fans of Hulk Hogan movies know what to expect. You won't get complex plots, you won't get five star movies but you will get a charismatic wrestling star just having some fun playing the guy who overcomes the odds and defeats the dark forces of evil. This movie has some really cheesey acting and scenes in it but it is a children's movie after all. Hulk Hogan tries his best to act but always ends up looking uncomfortable and clumsy in his role. The Secret Agent Club is one of those movies which you can play on a Sunday afternoon and just sit back and enjoy.
September 17, 2008
For the first 30 minutes when Hulk Hogan does James Bond-esque things, it's not so horrible. Then he gets captured and it's up to five ethnically-diverse punk kids to save him.....that's where it gets horrible.
June 28, 2008
if you want to absolutely blast a movie for poor cinematography, and have fun while doing it, this is a grand film to do it. the consistency in this film is terrible....and it's pretty funny when you can see the camera crew in the reflection of stuff like car doors. if you want a good movie, this isn't a good one to watch. if you want a movie that'll have you laughing at the poor quality, then look no further.
April 10, 2008
I would rather watch every episode of Oprah while smelling Oprah's sweaty armpit. I would rather vote for Obama or scrape the burnt off of toast. To put it simple, no, this movie will not be watched by me.
March 27, 2008
Omg i love this movie, im still lookin to find it somewhere so i can buy it. Love it, my fav movie as a kid. oxo
½ March 3, 2008
The steroid loser club
½ February 28, 2008
It gets one and half stars purly because it features Hulk Hogan and that is features not stars, they sell of his back but he isnt on screen for long. The acting by all is wooden at best and the dialogue truley appauling. This was only made because they knew they could make a buck or two with The Hulkster.
February 19, 2008
½ December 21, 2007
I remember watching this when i was little, like 10, even though i am 15 right now, lol! I throughly enjoyed it!
½ November 15, 2007
the toy business is cut throat
Hulk Hogan battles Bull Shannon from Night Court, and The Mayor of New York
true classic
October 22, 2007
When i was in my adolesence and searching for a medium to suppress my inner need to be a super agent, i watched this. As i got older, thankfully, i normally progressed to the Bond movies.
September 21, 2007
i would have liked to see more hogan and less those stupid annoying kids. crappy special effects are worth to look at!
August 8, 2007
A ho-hum prequel to "The Secret Garden" sees hockey great Hulk Hogan learning life lessons while preparing for a nationwide flower convention. Not whimsical enough, despite a well placed dance montage.
August 2, 2007
The worst acting ever assembled in one movie! Hulk does his best yet again, but falls short like usuaul!
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