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½ March 12, 2009
I don't know if this movie is trying to be funny or serious.
½ February 6, 2009
Pretty crappy it was weird seeing johnny knoxville playing a kind of serious role and the whammy guy from anchorman playing the half retartded guy. The lead girl fucken pissed me off. Cant beileve tarintino produced this.
January 3, 2009
the actress who played his daughter was great.
½ November 23, 2008
Crap!! Kjedelig, elendig skuespill og et forferdelig manus og regi. Når det attpåtil merkes som "komedie" uten at jeg kan huske å ha dratt på smilebåndet, må dette bli strykkarakter...
October 11, 2008
Gets 2 for the first half hour...after that it falls falt on it's face and loses all momentum it built. Decent Cast, Tarrantino's name on the cover the word Hilarious was used on the back of the case...well it was a Drama....with Johnny Knoxville....who should never....ever...ever...be allowed to lead in a movie unless there is a solid supporting cast. Don't waste your time with this one...
August 30, 2008
It was a an odd bunch of characters acting in ways that seem normal to everyday life.
½ August 17, 2008
Despite a decent cast and Quentin Tarantino's name on the cover, not a whole lot happens in this movie besides the usual coming-of-age bullshit. I didn't buy it. It's not terrible but I didn't really care about anything that happened or who it happened to. The closest I got was Elizabeth Banks but even then, it didn't do much for me. Just lacked emotional resonance.
½ June 28, 2008
I would not have rented this movie and never would have seen it if I had not just caught it by accident on cable. I have never been very fond of Johnny Knoxville, but this movie made him very likeable. I was really impressed by the actress that played June though. Great movie! My favorite part is when June gets drunk in the barn with Frankie. His reactions and facial expressions are a riot.
June 17, 2008
nogenlunde film og Johnny Knoxville er bare lækker
May 25, 2008
Just A Nice Movie
Good to see with a nice girl
½ May 11, 2008
so amazing and johnny knoxville is soooo hot!
½ April 2, 2008
Cute father-daughter story, hilariously precocious teenage girl. I loved this movie.
Oh and favorite quote: We must,we must,we must increase our bust!
March 30, 2008
I love this movie!! beware tho it made me cry!!!!!
½ March 11, 2008
Symphatic movie about misunderstood father
February 8, 2008
I hadn't heard of this movie when I rented it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Johnny Knoxville pulled off this more serious role very well and it was a pretty cute film all around.
½ January 22, 2008
en pystyny kattoo loppuu, vaiks olin darrassa.
January 12, 2008
all of knoxville's movies are good!
December 20, 2007
The movie is actually not that fantastic but if you're as blind of a Johnny Knoxville fan as I am, then you'll love this film.
December 17, 2007
Finally! A "feelgood" movie I can feel really good about. Arguably not as 'filmic' as Morvern Callar, but very self-aware movieish. You can smell Quentin Tarantino, but without the violence! Yay! This film manages to be not at all stupid whilts being entirely believable, which is not always easy. I really liked it, and reccomend.
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