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½ December 3, 2015
If you write a movie and would like to go in a crazy direction, DO go in a crazy direction! Don't just masturbate with the idea of going in a crazy direction! On the good side: Campbell Scott is such an underrated actor! Too bad something about this film is terribly off. It started in a terrific way but from a certain point it simply didn't dare to go further and it had to because it had promised us all exactly that!
July 27, 2014
Really liked the husband and the kids....not so much the wife.
November 13, 2012
Nice little film that I'm sure not alot of people have seen.
Super Reviewer
September 25, 2012
Not too popular on the fan metre but I actually enjoyed this film.There is a nice natural feel to the characters brimming with honesty.
March 22, 2011
A twisted tale of a dentist who discovers that his wife is cheating on him. Through that discovery his inner voice, played by Denis Leary, wants him to confront his wife, but bizarre things overcome him. He thinks about the past, he tries to see if it's really true that his wife is cheating on him or not eventually leading him into a state of denial. It can't be true? She wouldn't do that? Or is she? Very strange take, but very well executed by Scott, Davis and Rudolph who does a great directing job with this material.
December 31, 2010
1 star for having a plot that could actually happen and not unyielding the the strains of reality.
-4 for being a cheezy Fight Club meets American Beauty knock off which is over lit and silly. Clashing of montage, Cinematography, acting and style, and general tone makes this a brutal and silly popcorn film with too much realism and lack of reality.
Hmm, if that's confusing, then think of it as a Rococo painting of somebody doing the dishes (and then going crazy and add in some Dante Inferno style art).
½ November 23, 2010
WOW, this movie just reaches right off of the screen and grabs you by the heart. Dennis Leary is his typical Asshole self, while Campbell Scott and Hope Davis, have delight full roles that they fill with passion.
The directing by Alan Rudolph, of the movie was fantastic, however, I was a litte confused on if Slater ever actually existed/when he was real and when he was only in David Hurst's head.

All around it provides an emotional heartfelt movie that, that delves into a subject that like David, not many of us want to talk about.
October 22, 2010
For Fans Of: Maritial Drama, Hope Davis, Denis Leary
Date Night: Nope
Art Factor: Low
Fun Factor: Low
Emotional Factor: Low
Intelligence Required: Low
Essential Viewing: No

Let's get the good stuff about this flick out of the way first. The acting is pretty good in this one. Hope Davis always comes through on anything she appears in so that wasn't a big shock. Denis Leary is kind of like the drunken American-Irish equal of Russell Brand, funny, but very one note. Nothing changes here. Campbell Scott, the "other lead" is one of those guys that you always recognize, but will never bother to learn his name. You all know the type. Good actor, just not memorable enough to remember his name. Oh, the kids in the film, annoying as hell, were good at it. Ok, lets get down to brass tacks. The movie looks awful. The direction and shot selections remind me of a lifetime movie, the kind my mother loves to watch on Sundays. I mean, poor lighting, bad angles, you name it, it happens. The script starts out really edgy and creative, and then ploop, goes right in the shitter. Leary switches roles half way through the movie and starts playing a broke ass version of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt from Fight Club). The movie just turns into one big long dentist pity party with a shit resolution. There was massive potential here. Good cast, creative and original idea, but the follow through just kind of went limp. My advice is to probably avoid unless you just have a love for one of the leads or you love the Lifetime movie network.
½ September 23, 2010
Not as good as some of the critics have let on, but it is a solid film. The actors do very well here. Especially Dennis Leary, who starts off as just a patient, but quickly becomes Campbells male ego. The flaw in the cloth here is that some of the things these characters do, just seem to be done because the script says so. It doesn't flow well. Still as a performance piece you could do worse
September 4, 2010
Really well-directed film about familial abrasion and adhesion.
February 7, 2010
I love Jane Smiley's novels, but this was no "Thousand Acres". Hope Davis is lackluster but Cambell Scott (who, with a moustache, reminds me so much of Kevin Kline) delivers a great performance, just like in "The Dying Gaul". Unfortunately, the imaginary friend character played by Leary became a mere gimmick.
January 18, 2010
What? They jerk off to teeth?
September 2, 2009
Story about a wife cheating on her husband. Doesn't sound romantic, but somehow is.
August 20, 2009
Not as good as the novella but still pretty good.
½ March 15, 2009
The acting and filmmaking seemed particularly average but I will say the 'message,' if you will, was a great one even though this is not a 'message movie' (thankfully).
½ February 23, 2009
Starts out very promisingly, but the fantasy scenes overwhelm in the middle.
December 24, 2008
Nice little gem of a movie about the highs and lows of marriage. Subtle, honest performances and a fine script.
November 12, 2008
One thing this movie gets spot-on is the portrayal of what it's like to have a whole household with the flu!
½ September 9, 2008
Campbell Scott in my opinion is the most underrated actor in Hollywood after seeing this Roger Dodger, Crashing and the Dying Gaul. He and Hope Davis have incredible chemistry throughout this film, but the unsung hero of the movie is Denis Leary, who's sleaziness fits well with the film.
August 28, 2008
Campbell Scott walks the finest line of frustration, grief, anger, sadness and love, all while maintaining a level headed approach to marriage and fatherhood. His silent awareness and composure through Davis' infidelity brings a vulnerability to the table that is hard not to fall for. A true test in character, he balances heartache with an understanding that time is often the best healer. He is who we'd hope for in a husband, a father and a friend.
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