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The Secret of NIMH Quotes

  • Jennar: We were just talking about you...
    Justin: That's refreshing, Jenner. Usually you're screaming about us...

  • Mrs. Brisby: If you're going to feather a nest, you've got a lot to learn about how to treat a lady.
    Jeremy: Right. When you're right, you're right, and you're right. None of the girls I meet wanna get serious.
    Mrs. Brisby: I doubt they'd survive.

  • Nicodemus: Johnathan could not tell you about us because the injections slowed the aging process. You see, you would have grown old, while he remained young.

  • Nicodemus: We can no longer live as rats. We know too much.

  • Nicodemus: Courage of the heart is very rare. The stone has a power when it's there.

  • Jennar: I learned this much: take what you can, when you can.
    Justin: Then you have learned nothing.

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