The Secret Policeman's Other Ball Reviews

May 13, 2019
The material photographed in The Secret Policeman's Other Ball is sometimes pretty funny, but it tends to get sidetracked by the low-budget videotape recording of the show, and the result is seen through a lens, darkly.
March 26, 2009
Some of the humor slides over into tastelessness, but most of it is rousing fun in the tradition of the groups from which these performers have sprung.
June 24, 2006
Technically smoother than its predecessors, this is otherwise the mixture as before: comics and musicians, sometimes in unfamiliar permutations, doing their party pieces on behalf of Amnesty.
September 18, 2004
Though it looks more like a television special than a conventional movie, The Secret Policeman's Other Ball contains some of the funniest sequences to be found in any first-run movie at the minute.